Mother's Unite!

Mother's Unite!

Happy Mother's Day!

While mothering is one of the most amazing things I have done with my life; it has also been the most transformative and demanding job I have ever taken on. Children truly need so much; a hug here, a kiss there, a sibling rivalry fight mended now, 20 questions I won't know how to answer later. I had no idea coming into motherhood, how much it would change me, how much I would WANT it to change me. I envisioned myself as a great mom, I just didn't know how much work it would be.

Children don't just need love, they need patience, and kindness and the ability to slow down and explain things, allowing extra time for tears when the explanations aren't what they wanted to hear, and appreciation for the little joyous things in life like dandelion puff blowing and butterfly chasing. I feel as though every year on Mother's Day, I am reborn, transformed for this new stage of life we are in. Children don't just need all of these things, they also change every year and need a new and different style of parenting. We must grow with them, shedding our past, forgiving our mistakes and pressing onward in our venture to raise conscious and mindful children into our world.  

I put my mala on each morning as part of my yoga practice. Yoga helps me to hone the skills necessary for me to bloom into the person I aspire to be for them. My practice reminds me to appreciate the situations I might engage in, to live more in the moment, and much more in the breath. Sometimes my kids will grab at the beads and whisper "I am, I am" and my heart swells and I think, "You are! You are so full of infinite possibilities! Yes!" I am grateful to them as my gurus who guide me deeper into motherhood. 

I bow to mothers everywhere today! I am honored to be practicing alongside you! We are all united in our intention to raise conscious, mindful beings into our society.  

Hello lovelies,  my name is Karissa, known on Instagram as "TheGivingMom", where I post photos of our family, yoga practice, and thoughts on meditation, mindfulness and critical thinking. I post Kundalini yoga tutorials, and have a few classes on the YouTube. Yoga and mindfulness help me center myself, enabling me to give myself the attention I need, while giving my all to my family and children.
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