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2019: Horoscope + Gemstones for the year

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2019: Horoscope + Gemstones for the year

The Astro Energy of 2019: Horoscopes Year Ahead

As we approach 2019 we have the opportunity to peer into the unique planetary energy present for the year ahead. This year is holding space for focus and grounding with intention.

We are more drawn towards discovery of our purpose within the structures of society, towards making radical changes in how we view and care for our planet Earth and for each other.

The major theme of 2019 is a calling towards our deepest sense of knowing and intuition towards self-improvement and growth. This year is about mindfulness and really tuning into the present moment.We should be slowing down this year in order to explore the powerful energies that are available to us. The astrology of 2019 points to a gradual yet profound evolution on both an individual and collective level.  

Aries ♈︎ March 20-April 20

Expanding your world view can bring about immense opportunities for 2019! As the year starts out your general desire is for freedom, autonomy, and to do things your own way. Your unique abilities can bring you some interesting leadership and career opportunities you were not expecting. Midyear you start to feel the beginnings of  a potent energy shift urging you to direct your energy to be more clear, precise, and strategic. Choosing to take on more responsibilities is likely around this time as you are feeling confident that this is the direction your spirit is calling you towards. Your public image is certainly in focus this year opening up doorways for you to mindfully craft your life into a solid vision. Give yourself plenty of time to ground and connect with the planet this year. Physically manifesting your dreams into reality will happen with more ease when you put down some roots.

Gemstone of the Year: Amazonite

Taurus ♉︎ April 20-May 21

As 2019 begins you seem to be surrounded by questions. You have a distant sense that you are being called to do something special or important. Setting out on a quest to discover what this calling is will help direct your course for the year ahead. You, somewhat stubbornly, start to embrace the transformative changes taking place in your life. The evolutionary shifts in your mind, body, and soul will keep you guessing on what is coming next! Near the middle of the year you get the intense sensation that it is now or never. A revamping of yourself in every sense of the word may occur at this time. You crave healing on a transformative level, subtitling knowing what you need to set your path in motion. If you were ever going to get serious about a meditation practice, this year would be it. The energy is perfect for committing to something of great importance aimed at self-improvement and a reworking of your personal life story.

Gemstone of the Year: Chinese Labradorite

Gemini ♊︎ May 21-June 21

A desire to build deep and meaningful relationships carries you into 2019. What and how you share with others on a spiritual and physical level is a continuous theme throughout the year. You seem to have more willpower in setting goals and going after what you want at this time. A need to contemplate, discuss, and analyze are important to your mental processing. There is a pull between talking about what is real and what is imagined. Towards the middle of the year your intentions will shift towards balance and cooperation. Your concerns for the world and environment start to take on a spiritual more emotional tone. You can feel yourself putting more effort towards discovery of what really matters and how you can bring those things into reality. Towards the end of the year a more artistic and fluid vision take root in your mind. You feel a draw to explore new spiritual paths, enter into uncharted territory of discovery and belief.

Gemstone of the Year: Apatite

Cancer ♋︎ June 21-July 23

This year holds powerful potential for personal growth and transformation. As the year starts off you may be getting more serious with a partner and more willing to engage in relationships that require work and responsibility. You find your relationships with co-workers especially inspiring throughout the year. Mid-year your desire for authenticity and balance in life increases exponentially. You may start to invest more intensely in achieving your goals and desires. There is a dreamlike quality to the work you undertake during this time, you crave the emotional depth of being in a creative head space. The theme of this year is creating balance between responsibility and pleasure. New spiritual routines and rituals can punctuate your day to day life. As you finish off the year you will have time to reflect back on how much you have grown as a person. You are more closely aligned with your authentic self and mindfully more self-aware.

Gemstone of the Year: Chrysocolla

Leo ♌︎ July 23-August 23

As you enter into 2019 you are moved to re-align and focus your energy. A healthy work-life balance is at the crux of the decisions you make this year. You want self-improvement and a greater sense of self-love in the process. Putting ample amounts of energy towards finding creative ways to embrace a new sense of wellness directs you where need to go. Mid way through the year you take an uncharacteristic turn inwards to search and discover yourself on a deeply internal level. Your dreams will become more vivid, meaningful, and symbolic as the year progresses. With a greater appreciation for hard work and dedication to a cause you close out the year with a more wholistic view of self. You bring this energy into your relationships, able to create a deeper more vulnerable bond between you and your romantic partner(s).

Gemstone of the Year: Bronze

Virgo ♍︎ August 23-September 23

Your motivation for success is in full force as the year starts out. You are happy to set steady goals to get to your intended destination. At the same time there is also an underlying mischievousness to your actions making you more playful and spontaneous. You may start the year off traveling or choose to travel around mid-year. Passion increases for freedom and movement as you search for ways you can live and work while on the road. This year has a distinctively nomadic feel to it. This is the perfect time to expand what home and family means to you. A sense of spiritual seeking colors the second half of the year. You get the feeling that there is a purpose or calling you must fulfill in a radical way. The desire to break free from old cycles and patterns can push you to make important personal choices. A whirlwind of energy surrounding you near the end of the year can be creatively circulated through meditation.

Gemstone of the Year: Turquoise

Libra ♎︎ September 23-October 23

Great personal strides can be made for you this year. 2019 starts out with an intense desire to be closer to family and friends. Repairing past relationships is a highlight around this time. You may be unexpectedly surprised regarding the roles you choose to take on this year. More drive is given towards stepping into becoming who you. Towards the middle of the year you may become very focused on nurturing and taking care of others with a possible career shift in this direction. Creating a more beautiful, stable, and comfortable environment brings you closer to your true calling. You want what is best for everyone and act with the purest intention towards peace and serenity. As the year comes to a close you start to grow more interested in helping your local community. You find this brings you the deepest sense of inner happiness and calm.

Gemstone of the Year: Rose Quartz

Scorpio ♏︎ October 23-November 22

2019 starts off with an unusual desire to seek out the advice of your friends or neighbors. You have a mix of thoughts and you may need help sorting it all out! Meditation and other mindfulness based activities can help keep you focused and grounded throughout this time. Talking more often and to larger audiences seems to be a theme of this year. Midway through the year an intense desire to speak and share your creative ideas highlights your work and public life.  You connect with people on a more social and broad level. Personal partnerships and business relationship require more flexibility than you may want to give, providing you a spiritual opportunity to practice going with the flow. You start to get the sense your place in the Universe holds intense meaning and profound purpose. This energy drives you to discover, explore, and understand more about your life.

Gemstone of the Year: Silver

Sagittarius ♐︎ November 22-December 22

This year is highlighted by an increase in experiences that will broaden and expand your world. Keeping things private and to yourself can prove to be a challenge at this time! It seems your inner world, emotions, and feelings peak through your outer shell. Your rich inner life is asking to be let out and free. With so much energy and passion behind your experiences this year grounding will be essential to keeping your mind from running all over the place. Midway through the year you desire to pay closer attention to having more stability. When aspects of your life are organized and well taken care of you will have greater freedom to be yourself. Near the end of the year will provide ample amounts of time for writing and other activities that allow you to reflect back and see how life has changed for you over the past year. A new sense of pride at the growth you experienced will be felt with a profound resonance.

Gemstone of the Year: Sodalite

Capricorn ♑︎ December 22-January 20

Evolution is happening on the surface and there seems to be no getting around it in 2019. With major planetary energies hanging out in your sign all year you seem to be feeling the pressure from all sides. Embrace the unique experiences that come your way as you have the potential for real change at this time. Lessons for this year are gratitude and maintaining a sense of knowing that good things will come. At times it may feel your efforts are not being recognized this year, but patience is key right now! Keep working towards what you know is right, holding in your heart the necessary energies of love, care, and graciousness for yourself and others. Near the end of the year a great boost in energy will allow you to take more control of your life. Grounding through meditation and mindfulness will help keep the stress at bay during this year. Attend yoga or other stress-relieving exercises when you can to keep 2019 going as smooth as possible.

Gemstone of the Year: Garnet

Aquarius ♒︎ January 20-February 18

A love for the weird and strange are often hallmarks of your personality. This year you may decide to take those interests underground for a while in favor of a more “mainstream” approach. Your impulse to bring your vision into the world is strengthened and you know you can win over more people when you appeal to a wider audience. With a strong personality like yours there is no risk of loosing your authentic self in the process! Deep inside the well of your soul you are starting to draw up the most profound conclusions about life. Mid-way through the year your intuition is strengthened by a jolting shift in energy. As the year continues, 2019 shapes up to be a time of hopes, dreams, and wishes realized through dedicated hard work and serious commitment to self-development. Your inner world is important to you, take care to keep this part of yourself enriched and alive through the magic of meditation this year.

Gemstone of the Year: Moonstone

Pisces ♓︎ February 18-March 20

When you step through a doorway it is as if you are stepping into another world. In 2019 you will enter spaces with more confidence and force while maintaining a dreamlike quality. An elusive energy surrounds your aura at this time, allowing for you to access wells of creativity within you. Responsibility and discipline start to hold more importance to you as well this year. By mid-year you may have made some major changes in your life which provide more support for your spiritual self-care and growth. Playing with your identity and persona may also be themes that creep in around this time. An artistic force drives your actions, and inspires others. You inner sense of kindness is overflowing this year. Mediating on how to bring this out in the world is a profound gift you can share with others at this time for a greater sense of healing and connectedness.

Gemstone of the Year: Tourmaline


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