Get in the Here & Now with Gaiam TV’s New Meditation Guide

Get in the Here & Now with Gaiam TV’s New Meditation Guide

Gaiam TV is launching a new 21-day meditation guide for beginners called Here & Now. And, they’ve partnered with Mala Collective to help you enhance your meditation journey.

Most of us have upwards of 50,000 thoughts per day. The question is, do you want your mind running you, or do you want to run your mind? With meditation, you can learn to slow down that crazy mental traffic and become the master of your mind.

Benefits of Meditation

These are just a few of the amazing benefits you will experience when you arrive at the present moment.

  • Psychological
    • Increased happiness
    • Decreased stress
    • Improved memory function
    • Enhanced focus concentration
  • Physiological
    • Alpha brain wave state promotes rejuvenation of the body and mind
      • Decreases muscle tension and headaches
      • Lowers cholesterol levels
      • Promotes a more restful state
    • More authentic relationships – with yourself and with others
    • Greater good for the collective consciousness of humanity – when you feel good, the effect ripples out to the world

Learn How to Meditate & Enter to Win

Sign up now and join others as they embark on a journey toward inner mastery. Then, enter the meditation space photo contest sponsored on behalf of Mala Collective. You could win one of five meditation prizes, including some gorgeous mala beads from Mala Collective.

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