10 Reasons Why We Love Men Who Meditate

In celebration of our new Men's Collection, we are sharing our list of why we love Men Who Meditate!

① They are more in touch with their inner self

 ② They are compassionate

 Have strong mental strength

④ Less afraid of their feminine side

⑤ Are more clear & level headed

⑥ Able to sit in comfortable silence

⑦ They have calming & gentle qualities

⑧ They look for moments of peace to meet with their authentic self

 ⑨ Represent gentle strength

 ⑩  More aware of the emotional & psychological obstacles   


What do you love about the new Men's Collection? Why do you love men who meditate? Tell us about a male below who inspires you below!                



June 05, 2015 by Ashley Wray
Tags: Community

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