5 Ways To Cultivate the Intention Of Peace

5 Ways To Cultivate the Intention Of Peace

In a busy, modern world, peace can feel like an alien concept when stress levels and sleep deprivation have become something of a status symbol. Even when we ourselves are mostly in balance, the hectic world around us can influence our own psyche and lead to feelings of anxiety.

How do we grasp this elusive ideas of peace & tranquillity without undertaking regular retreats or a total lifestyle change?

It’s all in the intention. As the saying goes, everyone should meditate for twenty minutes daily, except those who are too busy. They should meditate for an hour.

Cultivating peace requires the intention of giving yourself a little time to recharge, even if it is just a few minutes at a time. 

Here are Five Ways To Cultivate the Intention Of Peace:

1. Reconnect with nature. Many of us have desk jobs, or careers based indoors. The pressure of work and harsh lighting are great stressors and disrupt the body’s rhythm after work, or during your lunch break, take the time to walk outside, and be mindful.

2. Disconnect with technology. It isn’t always easy or possible, but switching off the phones and social media for a while each day, or for a whole day once in a while brings you back to the present. We feel like we need to be available 24/7, but by setting down your gadgets, you give both yourself and people around you your full attention.

3. Breath. Sometimes, we just need to focus on inhaling oxygen and letting go. An essential part of yoga, taking the time to breath is very calming and stabilizing. It brings the heart rate back down when under pressure and restores calm.

4. Mindfulness, meditation, yoga. Take the time for one or more of these grounding practices to bring peace and relaxation.

5. Do something you love! These endorphins produced from doing an activity that you enjoy fill you with positive energy that will make cultivating a sense of peace much easier.

Use these tips together with an intention for peace to feel more tranquil in a busy world.



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