Lava: Warrior Strong

Lava: Warrior Strong


Self-deprecating words like “Can’t” and “Won’t” and “Shouldn’t” used to plague my vocabulary and created a mentality that kept me from going out on a limb to try new things. That mentality kept me believing that I wasn’t smart enough, strong enough, or talented enough, and that I’d wind up making a fool out of myself. With the help of an amazing coach, I finally started believing that I could, would, and should try new things, and boy did I ever discover something: I am not a pretty crier.

As a mindful and meditative gym rat, it’s not that uncommon to find me with a glowing mixture of sweat and tears in the middle of a tough yoga practice or in the middle of a gruelling 500 lb. leg press set. The sweat is expected, especially in qi gong while maintaining “Standing Like a Tree” for five minutes or when pressing that amount of weight in the gym, but you don’t expect tears. Well, you might not, but I do. It happens every time I feel the strength of my own mantra and intention and understand my own inner strength.

“I am strong. I have the strength needed to do this. I can do this. I will do this. I am doing this.” has carried me through multiple challenging yoga classes, challenging gym sessions, and most importantly, challenging days.

Just like the lava found on my Samsara Skull Bracelet, and on both of my malas, my Surfer Mala and my Rockstar Mala, I have been transformed and moulded into something strong and beautiful. As their beads pass through my fingers, I’m reminded of our parallel journeys, I’m buoyed up by their support of calm and centered strength, and I see myself in the ancient warriors who wore their own lava beads into battle.

We’re consistently looking for the strength to get through another day, the strength to support our children and families, the strength to pursue our dreams, and the strength to be our best. Rest assured.

You are strong! You have the strength to do this! You can do this! You will do this! You are doing this!

Dory Knight is a passionate blogger who encourages her readers to #ChooseHappiness through a healthy lifestyle. 

She writes about and lives a lifestyle full of clean eating, meditation, MMA, yoga, and loves being a gym rat.  She invites you on her own personal journey through fitness, yoga, mindfulness, and meditation shared on Instagram and her blogs TheFitBeast and TheYogaBeast.

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