3 Mindful Tips for #AquariusSeason2019

3 Mindful Tips for #AquariusSeason2019

January 21st marks the beginning of #AquariusSeason2019 as the Sun continues its journey through the sky. While the Sun spends about a month in each sign throughout the year we get the chance to experience each unique shift in solar energy. Aquarius is an air sign and therefore embodies many themes related to the mind, intellectual energy, and ideas. Here are 3 mindful tips for #AquariusSeason2019!

1. Clear Your Digital Clutter

When we think of Aquarius we often also think of the tech savvy future and advancements in media and the digital world. As we enter into Aquarius’ season this is a great time to clear through your social media accounts, computer files, and all your devices where we inevitably collect digital clutter. Run through your apps or emails and unsubscribe or delete where necessary. Removing clutter, even clutter from your digital spaces, can help cultivate more room in your life more mindfulness. Clearing out can bring a greater sense of relief and overall clarity.

2. Think Things Through

The airy nature of Aquarius puts us more in touch with our thoughts and analytical abilities. We can use this season to think our actions through before we do them. As we mindfully approach each moment we become more aware of the impact we have in the world. We do not have to be pulled along by fate but can instead make our own guiding decisions as we go along. Give yourself time to think, contemplate, and exercise the power of your thoughts!

3. Make Friends

The Aquarius archetype is friendship oriented, desiring to make social connections and create groups unified under a common cause. During this Aquarius Season 2019 open yourself up to making new friends. Put yourself out there and strike up a conversation to see where it leads. The present energy will help open pathways for connecting. Aquarius season is a great time for mindfully bringing people together, expressing your weird side, and opening up your mind to new ideas intellectually and spiritually.

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