3 Mindful Tips for the Equinox + Aries Season 2019

3 Mindful Tips for the Equinox + Aries Season 2019

Today - March 20th, 2019 marks the Spring Equinox (for those in the Northern Hemisphere) and also the start of Aries Season 2019! Happy Astro New Year everyone! Aries is the first sign in the western zodiac and therefore marks the start of a new astrological “year.”

As we head into this next solar cycle and season, we have put together a few mindful tips you can use to embrace this spirited, yet balanced time of year.

3 Mindful Tips for Aries Season 2019

1. Mindful Connection

The Spring Equinox is the perfect time to be mindful of our connection to nature and to each other. Take a moment today to feel the powerful balance of energy that exists between us and the natural world. Images of the web of life, spark of creation, and divinity running through all things becomes present. Practice mindful meditations in order to reflect on nature when possible around this time. Feel the connection and sense the spirituality in the turning of the seasons.

2. Mindful Confrontation

As the Sun moves into Aries we are bound to experience a slight shift or increase in confrontation. One of Aries’ themes is working through and understanding conflict resolution. This Aries Season 2019 be mindful of the confrontations you find yourself in. Are you arguing with people on social media, in person, or maybe you are in conflict with yourself? Notice where you are at spiritually regarding these things. Do not judge yourself but set a goal to be mindful and present should a confrontation arise!

3. Mindful Impulses

This third tip may sound a bit contradictory but stay with us! When the Sun is in Aries we all have a tendency to be a bit more impulsive, making choices from our gut and an immediate need for results. Try to be mindful if you get this urge to be impulsive around this time. Many times you can put things on pause if you need to. Slow down and make an informed decision before leaping head first into something you may not be prepared for. You got this!

The energy of this time of year is activating and energetic. We can use these themes to practice being mindful in new ways about particular areas of life. When it comes to conflicts, impulsivity, and new beginnings Aries and the Equinox play a key astrological role. This time of year can be enlightening and playful when we take a mindful approach!

Embracing the Full Moon in Libra March 20th, 2019

The year 2019 has not one but two Full Moons in Libra! Typically each Full Moon throughout the year takes place in each of the zodiac signs in turn. The way things align this year is a bit off or different then normal. The first Full Moon in Libra takes place today (March 20th, 2019) and the second one takes place on April 19th, 2019. So what does this mean and how can we embrace the Full Moon in Libra this year?

As the Full Moon in Libra approaches us the scales are tipped for balance, one of Libra’s main astrological themes. Libra is a sign that loves beauty, harmony, and relationships of all kinds. During this Full Moon in Libra we are called into alignment on a deep inner level of transformational experiences. A second Full Moon in the same zodiac sign indicates we collectively have a lot of work to do regarding relationships, understanding, and balancing. Libra represents fairness and justice.

We are inspired at this time to evaluate our responsibility in these areas on a small, individual scale and a larger social scale. Embrace the energy of the Full Moon in Libra to fully bring into your conscious awareness the role these themes play in your life. How can we do better? How can we create a more balanced, understanding, and just society?

For many, spiritual and mindful practices are one avenue to get in touch with our own self-development in order to be a better person in the world. The energy of Libra experiences the world through reflections in others, through partnerships, friendships, and associates; this energy is active, outward, and external in many ways. Platforms like social media, work, and gatherings are venues in which the Libra energy is exchanged.

During this Full Moon in Libra notice how you show up in pubic spaces. Be mindful of how and what you share in social settings. Notice what gets censored and what gets shared. Let this energy filter through your conscious mind. Allow yourself to be objective and informed when necessary or emotional if the situation calls you to be so. The Full Moon in Libra is about justice, balance of power, and the inner + outer experience of these life themes.

When the Moon is Full tonight, take note of how you feel. When the Moon is Full again on April 19th also take note of how you feel. Notice the repeated themes and what needs to be addressed. Meditate on these current energies and ask yourself how you can be a positive force for balance.

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