3 tips for Mercury Retrograde: Nov 2018

3 tips for Mercury Retrograde: Nov 2018

We're entering our last Mercury retrograde of 2018! It starts Nov 16 and ends Dec 6, with Mercury starting in Sagittarius and briefly moving back into Scorpio.

Mercury retrograde happens 3 to 4 times per year and is marked by a symbolic turn inward. Often, these cycles have a reputation for lost information, travel delays, and other communication mishaps, but keep in mind that Mercury retrogrades are nothing to stress about!

By taking a positive perspective to Mercury retrograde you have the opportunity to reframe your feelings about this astrological event. 

3 Tips for Mercury Retrograde

  1. Have a Mindful Review of Your Thoughts

Try reviewing all of your thoughts in the moment. Notice when you're around others, what's running through your mind?

Are you mentally somewhere else or “spacing out”? Take advantage of the Mercury retrograde energy to turn your focus to your own participation in conversations and daily life.

2. Be Mindful Before You Speak

The second mindfulness tip is to be mindful before you speak. Give yourself time and the opportunity to map out exactly what you want to say.

By giving everything you say intention and thought you will be more likely to connect and be present with others. Cultivating a sense of personal presence can be a challenge but Mercury retrograde energy is perfect for working on this interpersonal skills.

3. Be Mindful of What You Know

The last tip is to be mindful of what you know. At times we can launch into a debate or situation before we have gathered all the facts or taken into account our own feelings about things.

By being aware of what we do and don't know, we're better able to engage in the world with an open and receptive mind. Take into account how you feel and what feels right for you before taking action.

Notice your surroundings, your feelings, and the feelings of others. This practice will bring you more into alignment with not only yourself but the world and people around you.

As this Mercury retrograde is moving from Sagittarius to Scorpio we are working with the energy of both of these zodiac signs. We are tuning in towards the inner teacher side of Sagittarius and the investigative intensity of Scorpio. This cycle is about broadening and communicating our understanding of ourselves and others on a deeper level.

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