3 Ways to Embrace Mercury in Retrograde

3 Ways to Embrace Mercury in Retrograde


It's that time again! Mercury is in Retrograde! But what can you do to embrace this time, which is typically looked at with a negative view? 

Well, to start, when mercury is in retrograde, it doesn't mean everything has gone wrong. In fact, during this time we have many gifts available to us in the way of spirituality and mindfulness. There is more time for re-evaluation of how we are expending our energy and minds.

Here are 3 ways to embrace Mercury in Retrograde:

  1. Refocus: This is a perfect time to refocus your energy. During this time refocus your attachments. What is the core of your being and do you feel it is time to refocus this? Visualize where you see yourself now and where you see yourself going in the future. Are you aligned with your own values and goals? This is a great time to refocus your spiritual energy in the direction you feel called towards!
  1. Repeat: Sometimes it is necessary to re-do something we have already done because we missed the spiritual lessons on the first round. This Mercury in retrograde cycle take time to evaluate what you may need to repeat in your life. Do you have something that feels undone because you rushed through it? Make an initiative to complete a project seeing it through to the end. 
  1. Reflect: Reflection is the act of reviewing a situation and applying meaning or significance to a past experience. During this Mercury retrograde make an effort to look back and analyze the role you played in recent events in your life. Meditate on your insights. You can draw powerful conclusions when Mercury is in retrograde, although information may not flow as easily in outer life — inwardly mental energy can be very strong during this time!

This Mercury in retrograde is all about taking a step back to review the most recent past. Refocus, repeat, and reflect. This energy is best utilized through an internal process of growth and integration — bringing your spiritual self to a deeper more profound level of self awareness.

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