Amethyst: Finding Inner Peace


“Peace will come to those who choose to heal and not judge” is a quote from the Course in Miracles. I have been studying this metaphysical text now for the past 50+ days. My intention when starting it was to find more peace and it is definitely doing the job!

This is usually the way with intentions. We create them to bring some awareness to spaces and places within ourselves that need some healing or attention and then by a simple shift in perspective and consciousness begin to feel the effect of our intentions to a greater degree than we thought possible.

This is because we are capable of more than we think.

So often we set an intention at the beginning of our yoga class then totally forget about it, or let it go as we “go with the flow” because it’s easier to resort to that which we know. For most of us what we know is the opposite of peace and it tends to be easier to default to what we know then trust what we don’t.

The Course teaches that the ego wants us to stay stuck. It has no interest in our inner peace, freedom, or state of grace because when we reside in those energies, most importantly the energy of Love, then it is out of a job. If you think of how you might feel if you were getting fired you might even commiserate with ego on that one, but by judging the situation, the people who we feel put us there, or an experience based on our ego’s perceptions instead of our intention then we are choosing to stay stuck.

If our intention is inner peace we then are asked to consciously, moment to moment, choose what will support that feeling and intention and when it is disturbed realize that it comes from the clinging of the ego and it wanting us to stay stuck. When we feel at peace is when our Soul is guiding the decision we have to make, being the pose for us, co-creating your day, or steering you towards your intention.

Sometimes it is subtle, sometimes it is challenging, sometimes it is loud and clear but the more you can continuously shift your focus from judgement of self and others and instead intend your inner peace, the clearer the messages from soul become and the easier it is to stay with your intention.

For this intention I have been wearing the Tranquil Amethyst mala, and of course the I Am Peace mala would work wonders as a reminder too. I also work with the mantra ‘Peace begins with me.’

Megan has been teaching yoga full time for over ten years, with a strong focus on Yoga for Women. She founded of Journey of the Yogini, which raised over $175,000 for charities that work towards empowering women and girls locally and globally. She is also the Creatrix and Priestess of the JOY Circle and Sacred Movement School that mentor women along the path of yoga, life, and spirituality. You can find out more about Megan and the Sacred Movement School here.

July 06, 2015 by Ashley Wray



Deb said:

Amethyst is my birth stone and I will set my ‘intention’ on the ‘Tranquil Amethyst Mala’. Thank you, Megan Campbell, for this beautiful and motivational reflection!

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