Onyx: I Am Resilient

Remember, you are already ok. Remember, you are already ok.

You made it here despite anything and everything you went through. Some days you felt like giving in but you did not for long. You picked yourself up and now you are here. What is it that kept you from breaking down and kept pushing you forward? Your innate capacity for resilience. That ability is a practice you can expand like any other skill.

Intimately related to patience, resilience is not a grandiose thing or event, it is repeated minute actions and thought patterns. As time goes by, this accumulation of positive repetition generates your ability to keep your spirits high. So resilience can be a practice just as much as meditation is. It is your ability to be present and to appreciate the present moment.

How often do we realize, after an attitude adjustment, that we are finally able to find contentment? If you are not able to appreciate and celebrate what you have at the moment, what is it that makes you think you will be able to be grateful when you get what you pray for? Attitude is everything.

I find it is so easy to get lost in negative thought patterns and I have found that meditation has been a wonderful mean of bringing awareness back to my thoughts.

We can use our yoga/meditation practice as a doorway to find strength in our spirit. Resilience is also flexibility. Putting our yoga practice to great use, we can invite our mind to be more flexible as well! Otherwise, what’s the point of all that hamstring work, right? Doing the splits? There is so much more to it! What is the point of having a flexible body yet a rigid mind?

Letting go and embracing change are no small feats but keeping an open mind can help. Just like when you meditate, being present is what turns ordinary experience into the possibility of turning that experience into a catalyst; a springboard that can take you closer to the person you aspire to be.

Resilience is that springboard. Without it, challenges cannot transform you; they can only knock you down. Please never forget that you are okay. It is everything that is great about you that can take care of what is ‘wrong’ with you. Don’t ever be judgemental of your path or others’.

Be kind to yourself and all. Hold yourself and your path close to your heart and be patient. You are doing your best. And that is enough. You are already okay.

Audrey is a happy panda living in Montreal, where you can find her teaching hot yoga at enso yoga in the heart of the city. Audrey believes the body is the doorway to the soul and that not only do emotions echo in the body, but the transformation of the body leads to the transformation of the mind. When not teaching, Audrey can be found silly-dancing in her living room, rock climbing, walking her dog Peter or cooking her yoga butt off for the people she loves.

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