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Manifest Your Deep Inner Strength

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Manifest Your Deep Inner Strength

We are asked to set intentions to call forward a feeling we want to cultivate and offer ourselves a sense of purpose to stand by. It is easy to think about a lot of the things that we “don’t” want. We tell ourselves that we don’t want to feel a certain way, like we don’t want fear, we don’t want failure, we don’t want to feel alone.

In the art of intention setting work towards the manifestation of what it is you DO want. If you want strength, set your mind to it, and witness the ways your whole being shifts to fit that desire. Your thoughts are powerful, so choose them wisely.

To amplify the power of intention setting, using healing stones that embody the quality of what you’re aiming for, can encourage a deeper connection to your personal mantra. I love to keep a stone with me as I’m practicing or even as I’m walking through my day to help me stay focused on my intention.

Strength is a quality we seek to harness in those moments of mental or physical depletion. In those moments of difficulty we can turn to the healing gemstone, lava, for its qualities of strength and clarity.

Since the lava stone is formed from magma erupted from earth’s core, it’s grounding and fiery energy provides us with a great sense of connection to the earth and stimulates our own inner fire. It is best to keep your lava stone in contact with the skin to fully absorb the energy and wearing a mala necklace or bracelet ensures this closeness.

It is like wearing your intention! Wear a lava stone when you feel like your mentally staggered, or even “bubbling” with emotional energy. In those moments where you are lacking energy and vitality, wear this stone for it contains the powerful and explosive energy of the volcano that created it. 

Keep your lava stone with you as a reminder of your intention and absorb its healing properties to enhance your daily practice. Connect to and declare what you “do” want and use your stone to encourage the manifestation of your deepest strength.


Dani's free spirited and creative nature are combined with a fiery passion for growth.

Her classes come straight from the heart and invite you to be fearless and fluid. She challenges herself to practice yoga both on and off the mat. Her personal mantra is "Be Here Now" which she seeks to live by daily.

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