My Intention­ coloured glasses: a mala story about 'enjoying the journey'

My Intention­ coloured glasses: a mala story about 'enjoying the journey'


Ah, the journey. I don't know how many times I've been told to 'enjoy the journey,' and I still so often struggle to understand what that even means. Journey implies an end point, but what is the end point that I'm working towards exactly? If I was put on the spot, I don't know if I could say.

I guess what the elusive they means when they say 'enjoy the journey,' is really just enjoy your life. I don't know why that's such an incredible concept to me, but it is. Maybe for you too?

About 10 months ago I ended a 6.5 year relationship. 

According to the documentary 'What the Bleep Do We Know!?': “What the eyes really see is the back of the brain. The brain imprints what it has the ability to see. What we see is filtered based on our objectives and our judgments. It's possible that our eyes see more than our brains actually process... we only see what we believe is possible.”

So, maybe an intention is a lens of sorts? When I put on my intention­coloured glasses, I give eyes an opportunity to see something new; I give myself permission to experience my life in a different way. With my passion for theatre and writing still lighting a fire in my spirit, about a month after the breakup, I got my first mala bracelet from Mala Collective. The intention associated with the mala was 'I am adventurous'. 

I didn't have a goal at the end of my intention, just a question mark. I wanted to know how this intention carried through would manifest in my physical life.

There is more to life than the 'end goal' after all. There's the journey. For the next 6 months my mala would remind me to enjoy every breath of discomfort, breakdown, and fear my present adventure offered up with a smirk of 'you asked for it.”

New isn't comfortable, but it sure is interesting.

Then, in January I lost my job and, after a week of barely being able to get out of bed, I got my second mala bracelet: 'I am abundant.'

A week after sliding this new mala onto my wrist, I received my first substantial payment of passive income from this blog, the following week I found myself on a bus to Seattle, WA to meet with the Artistic Director of a company I'd had my eye on since December about a writing job (which I got), and about a month later I had the incredible good fortune of getting essentially sponsored by a woman (an angel?) who believed in me and the impact I wanted to make.

I'm not saying that these mala beads are magic, but I am saying that there is something incredibly powerful about making a concrete decision about the lens you're going to see your life through; see yourself through.

Change is incredibly scary and, as I mentioned in my first post in this series, who you are when you set your intention is a different person than the one you are as you delve further into its abyss.

So, it's helpful to have a reminder linked to your why smiling up at you from your wrist.

And, by the way, your intention can change/evolve as time goes on. Mine has.

“The crashing waves, the turquoise waters, the warm breeze — it's what heals and nurtures the heart, spirit, and soul” says the description next to the next mala I'm going to be getting: Beach Babe.

I know it's a funny name, but I knew it was right for me the second I saw it (you'll probably have a similar experience in choosing yours). So far my year of adventure and abundance has taught me that I love the ocean, and that the pursuit of my passions should actually feel joyful (and by that I don't mean 'always successful or easy).

The next lens I'm going to be putting onto my glasses is ease and love. I believe that the practice of this intention will bring me closer to my current aspirations but, of course, I have no idea how that will manifest. Despite how uncomfortable and strenuous the journey can feel, it's also sort of exciting isn't it?

So... what will your next intention be?

Christine is an actor, writer, and blogger originally from the Maritimes and now living in Vancouver, BC. In her blog The Positivity Project she explores the human side to growth (the part that has nothing to do with following a list). She also shares interviews and stories by creatives in her artist mastermind: Creative Life Blog. You can follow her on Instagram @ChristineMarthe or on Twitter @CMBissonnette.

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