Use Intention to Activate Your Chakras

Use Intention to Activate Your Chakras

Life is propelled by intention. From the mundane: You wake up. You desire a coffee. You make/buy/beg/steal a coffee; to the more esoteric: You are unhappy with your life. You ask the universe every day to assist you in changing it. You meditate, build an altar, create vision boards and focus all your energy on manifesting the changes you want to see and eventually achieve the life transformation you were seeking.

It should be no surprise then that intention can play a big role in advancing your connection to your energy body. The key to starting this journey is simple, and it’s something all of us can do. 

As a yoga teacher, the chakras are a subject often inquired about by my students outside of class. Many people find the subject confusing, but are interested in learning more about these energy centers and finding ways to be more in touch with them. This desire and seeking is the seed of intention, and by honing it to be more specific and focused, an intention will be formed. This intention is the key to connecting with the energy body and achieving a greater understanding of the chakras.

You’ll need to fuel your intention with three basic things: awareness, breath, and visualization. You don’t need anything special to do it – just the desire to and a basic awareness of your chakras. Your intention can be simple “I am balanced” for balancing the chakras, “I am aware” for growing your awareness of them, “I am energized” for energy awareness. Choose an intention that resonates with you. When you’ve selected your intention, focus your attention onto your breath, letting everything else fall away.

Once in your breath body, start to focus your breath into your energy centers. Start at the root chakra and send the breath up through them all the way to the crown chakra. Keep this awareness as you meditate on your chosen intention.

Try the Prana Mala to enhance your connection to the chakras. Prana translates as “vital life” in Sanskrit. Prana is the link between the mind and body and the energetic fuel of the chakras.

Coraley Letcher is a yoga teacher, freelance writer, and mom who lives in the gorgeous town of Fernie BC. She contributes articles and blog posts to online and print publications on a regular basis.

Coraley can be found teaching throughout BC and Alberta and regularly posts her thoughts on the yoga life on her blog Coraley-ley, Yogini.  Keep up with Coraley on Facebook, Twitter (@CoraleyLetcher) or Instagram (@CoraleyL)

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