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5 Mindful Steps to Set Your 2019 Intentions

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5 Mindful Steps to Set Your 2019 Intentions

As 2019 is upon us we have the choice to flow with the present energy by setting intentions for the year ahead that will have the greatest impact in our lives at present. Here are 5 mindful steps you can take to set clear, intuitive, and meaningful intentions for the New Year.

1. Day Dream

The first step to setting intentions for the New Year is to day dream! Many aspects of life start as a simple idea in our minds. We start to develop a clearer and more detailed picture that starts to form into reality. When setting your New Year’s intentions make sure to give yourself plenty of time to relish in your day dreams. Notice where your mind goes and what your heart truly wants to see take shape in your life.

2. Meditate

The second step to creating a mindful set of intentions for 2019 is to meditate. Meditation allows you space to clear your mind and focus your intentions. When you spend time in this state of mind you are giving yourself access to new pathways for self-discovery, self-knowledge, and understanding. Prior to beginning a meditation practice ask the Universe for clear guidance in bringing forth the information you need to know for setting your intentions for the upcoming year.

3. Write It Down

Once you have spent time day dreaming and honing your intentions through meditation it is time to write your intentions down! This can be the fun part. Explore what aspirations you really want to see realized for 2019. It is good to keep in mind things that are within reach and are within the realm of possibility. List out about 5 intentions you have in mind.

4. Make a Commitment

Even if you write something down it does not necessarily mean you are going to commit to it. The hard work now comes with your follow through. To each one of your intentions you wrote down, it is now time to make a plan that will help you stick with your intentions for the year.

Add a couple of sentences to each goal on how you see those things taking place in your life. Maybe one of your intentions is to do a 10 minute a day meditation practice. Ask yourself how you can help yourself stick to your goal. Do you need to wake up 10 minutes earlier each morning? You will know what will work best for you in order to stick to your commitments! Contemplate and reflect on each one of your intentions and plan accordingly.

5. Check in with Yourself or a Friend

The last step in setting your intentions for the New Year 2019 is to check in regularly. Maybe ask a friend to help you stay accountable or chat about how your intentions are coming along. You may find the intentions you set are exactly what you needed to set you up on a new spiritual path or have led you to make positive connections. The important thing to remember is to check in with yourself to see how your intentions are helping guide you forward. Having clear goals is one of the best ways to see dreams realized. Give yourself room to evolve with the goals you have set.

With 2019 just starting, we have the opportunity to move with this annual shift in energy. By staying mindful of the intentions we are setting we are acting from a place of inner guidance, intuition, and meaning.

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