Jumper Cables, Secret Gardens & 108 Mala Beads

Living and working in New York City, one of the major cosmopolitan cities in the world, having stimuli blow up our brains inside and outside is inevitable and can be overbearing.  

So how do you disconnect and turn the stimuli jumper cables off in your brain when going on an immediate vacation retreat is not an option?

I like to take little staycation breaks by befriending silence in small New York City Secret Gardens, especially during the warm seasons when you can appreciate all the colors of blooming flowers and foliage.  It's in these little nature nooks that I get to fall into comfortable, mindful serenity to hear things no one else can and be present for myself.

In these sacred spaces, with the energy of 108 mala beads dancing in my hand, I sit and witness magical restoration.   I turn off the noise, forget that I have emails and phone calls to get back to, that I have bills to pay, friends and family to text, or projects and to-do lists to check off.   I get to settle into my own mind, body and soul harmony, allowing  playful and mindful breathing practices to set me free.

Sometimes all it takes is just a little staycation from the jumper cable stimuli, some mala beads and a secret garden to recharge to be ready to rejoin the hustle and bustle of the Big Apple where fairytales and dreams can come true if you listen to the messages in the silence of secret gardens.

List of Secret Gardens in NY to explore and unplug whether you live in NYC or are just passing by: 

Elizabeth Street Garden: Elizabeth Street, between Prince and Spring Streets, New York City

The Amster Yard Garden at the Instituto Cervantes: 11 East 49th StreetNew York , NY 10017 

Church of St. Luke in the Fields Gardens:487 Hudson Street, New York, NY 10014

Jefferson Market Garden - Greenwich Ave. between 6th Ave. and West 10th St.

Mindful Mala & Breath Practice for Balance Harmony:

Take your first bead as you take a deep breath in to the count of four, pause for four, and then exhale slowly to the count of four, pause for four at the end of your exhale-

Take your second bead as you take another Inhale, this time counting to five, breath slow and steady, pause for five, then breathe out for five, hold for five -

Take your third bead, Inhale as you count to six, hold for six— exhale for six and pause for six -

Take your fourth bead, inhale as you count to seven, hold for seven— exhale for seven and pause for seven -

Take your fifth bead, inhale as you count to eight, hold for eight— exhale for eight and pause for eight -

Take your sixth bead inhale and exhale normal -

Take your seventh bead inhale and exhale normal -

Take your eight bead inhaling and exhaling normal –


By Veronica Beltran

Veronica is a global marathoner and triathlete, lover of movement, community, travel, the moon, the sun, the stars and the sea. Her heart is where latin beats unite with a little hip-hop and rock and roll. She loves to be in community and being of service while doing what lights her up; combining movement, travel, business and philanthropy for causes dear to her heart.

Pic source: thegallopinggardener.blogspot.com.

January 26, 2016 by Ashley Wray

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