Mala Collective — Who are we?

Mala Collective

Let us take this opportunity to introduce ourselves. Matt and I are from Vancouver, Canada. Myself a journalist, and Matt a carpenter.

In 2011 we hit a crossroad.

We had our dream jobs, but weren't feeling fulfilled - there was something missing. We were working hard, but not satisfied with our life-work balance. So we  took a leap of faith, decided to pack up and travel the world. We ended up on the beautiful island of Bali, Indonesia.

There, Matt surfed, I did yoga, and we practiced Tai Chi.

We found ourselves returning to this lovely outdoor yoga studio on a daily basis. There, we came across these beautiful pieces of rudraksha jewelry.

We picked them up, turned them in our hands, and took them home. We kept returning to buy more for ourselves and family.

Leaving Bali, and travelling to Thailand, a woman sat down to us mid-flight. She said she was drawn to our aura and wanted to chat. Great! We haven't had a friend in months, we thought!

After a few minutes of chatting, she noticed Matt's bracelet - a combination of rudraksha and lava, for strength and clarity.
This lovely woman happened to be the maker of the jewelry.

The chance encounter has since forged Mala Collective in the hopes that others would react as we did to the jewelry. We are feeling so fulfilled that we can share the jewelry with others.

We agree with Soma: the rudraksha beads are a symbol of compassion for humanity – a reminder of a higher consciousness within. We know you’ll love them as much as we do.

Ashley & Matt

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