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You and Your Mala: Elle Basten

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Elle Basten

So, why do people use a Mala?

We know that everyone uses their mala for a different reason. Whether it’s meditation, or to set their intentions and goals. Others turn to their mala for inspiration to stretch deeper in yoga, or surf another of the ocean's waves with confidence.

Some simply add a mala to their favourite outfit to feel good. We support any reason for using or wearing a mala — in the long run, it’s still promoting the same message of peace and compassion.

On that note, we’re excited to launch a new series called You & Your Mala — focusing on all of the reasons you love your mala, and the different ways in which the jewelry speaks to you.

We’ll be featuring real people and their connections to their the jewelry.

To kick off the series, we talked with Vancouver yogi Elle Basten.

Why do you turn to your favourite Mala?

I chose to use a mala because I often found myself wandering in meditation. The simple connection of touch and repetition of mantra helps to keep my mind focused. This brings a deeper sense of clarity and power to my mornings!

Any tips for those are are just starting to use a mala in meditation?

Start simple and keep the practice focused on something (ie. the mantra) that nourishes you.

If we start with practices that are too complicated or difficult, the practice can easily be discouraged.

A few minutes and even just one word that has distinct meaning for you can be very rewarding!

Any tips or advice for those who are looking to deepen their practice?

Find a teacher that you trust.

It doesn't have to be a guru, but finding someone who is knowledgeable in this practice can help to ease some of the "unknowns" and keep your practice moving forward.

Often, a good teacher can suggest mantras to you that are useful and not something you would pick for yourself!  For example, my teacher gave me a portion of the Isha Upanishad that I had not read and has been very transformative for me personally.

Final words?

Overall, I love wearing my mala as a constant and loving reminder of my commitment to the practice of meditation and yoga.

Elle is a E-RYT 200, Yin & Anatomy 200 Paul Grilley in Vancouver, BC. Join her and YYoga in February 2014 for a 7 day retreat in Nosara, Costa Rica.

Connect with Elle on Facebook or Twitter.

If you'd like to be featured in the You & Your Mala series, send us an email at

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