Tree Pose

This standing balance pose moves the energy in your body and helps create clarity and focus. Perfect before a business meeting or during a long lecture at University.


Helps develop a sense of balance, poise and stability. Focuses the mind, so great for concentration and clarity. Will strengthen the muscles of the legs, steadies the nerves and creates a calming effect through out the body.


1. Stand with your feet outer hip distance apart.

2. Shift your weight into your right foot and place your left foot either on the side of your calf below your knee or on your inner thigh above your knee.


3. Press your foot into your leg and continue to widen your knee to the side. Place your hands at heart center or off to either side for balance.

4. Find your drishti – a still point for you to focus on to help steady your balance.

Hold for 5 breaths and then change side.


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January 27, 2013 by Ashley Wray

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