Renewing the Soul

Renewing the Soul

May is always a time for great renewal; there is something about the onset of summer that allows our own selves to become alive as well. The hibernation of the winter comes to an end and possibility dwells.

I find the natural tide of the seasons to also bring our greatest opportunity, so naturally the spring for me is the time to birth new ideas and come alive with inspiration for what the next year will look like.

The more in tune we become with not only ourselves but with the natural environment around us, the more harmonious our lives become.

So what dreams are dwelling inside of your soul that are asking to be brought to life?

How can your life become more aligned with your truth? It is the softest of whispers that can grow to your next leap of faith.

I encourage you as the Summer approaches to take time to ask your soul what it needs. To ask it what is desires. To ask it what it is calling you to do to become fully alive.

And then take that leap with an open heart, ready to be filled with abundance.

xo nicki


Nicki Bullock is a mentor, teacher and future NY Times Bestselling author. She leads her tribe over at by giving inspiration and advice on how to ignite every corner of your life.

She is the creator of the {ignite freedom} goddess circle and the fear.less freedom summit. While she’s not writing and daring you to live your life, she can be found hanging with her hubby and two little monkeys’s making ordinary days, extraordinary.

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