witnessing emotionsNowadays, there seems to be a constant stream of pictures, ideas and quotes that all are based around the idea that remaining positive in your life is the key to happiness.

Although I have always been a glass-half-full kinda girl, I do not find that always looking at the positive to be the key to my happiness.

Do I find opportunity in every situation? YES.

Do I trust that every moment in my life is sent to teach me? YES.

But I never undervalue the opportunity to feel what I need to feel — good, bad or downright ugly.

It seems that sometimes we are told so often to focus on the positive that we sometimes ‘stuff’ away the emotions we truly feel in order to remain squeaky happy.

Well I am going to challenge that thinking and instead invite you to start feeling all the beautiful emotions that are within the spectrum of our souls.

Allowing our feelings to naturally occur in the manner in which we feel them allows us not only to be present with our emotions but to also move through them instead of getting hung up on them days, weeks, years later.

Stuffing or silencing how we feel only adds to the build up of ‘gunk’ that bog our souls down and diminish our sparkle.

I know that just allowing my feelings to happen has given me greater freedom in who I am and trusting that once the emotion passes the opportunity will appear.

I invite you to spend the next week witnessing your emotions. What comes up, how does it feel to actually feel your emotions, what glorious freedom does it lead you to?

Trust that feeling instead of numbing brings you into a heightened state of being and a place of pure joy.
xo nicki


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Nicki Bullock is a mentor, teacher and future NY Times Bestselling Author. She leads her tribe over at http://www.daringtolive.ca by giving you inspiration and advice on how to ignite every corner of your life.

She is the creator of the {ignite freedom} goddess circle and the fear.less freedom summit. While she’s not writing and daring you to live your life, she can be found hanging with her hubby and two little monkeys’s making ordinary days, extraordinary.

April 04, 2013 by malaimports

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