Finding Peace in Turbulent Times

Emergency KitSometimes life hits you hard. Death. Disease. Divorce. Loss of Job.

You need to be prepared. Your monkey mind will be waiting for you with open arms.

It will try to drag you into the momentum of the chaos. It will convince you to stay in bed all day, binge on junk food, and feel sorry for yourself.

Before motherhood, those were precisely my coping mechanisms. At the time, I wasn’t motivated to find a better way to deal with falling skies.

Now, with a little girl depending on me for survival, shutting down is not an option. So I designed a depression-proof disaster kit that keeps my feet on the ground and allows me to walk through the pain with peace.

My emergency kit includes:

  • Longer meditations.
  • Books on self-healing.
  • Nature walks
  • Plenty of rest
  • A superfood menu
  • Extra cuddles and crayon therapy with my daughter.
  • Leaning on family for support.

What’s in your emergency kit? If you don’t have one, make one now, when you can think clearly. Don’t wait for disaster.


To help you find grace during challenging times, wear your Keep Calm Mala. Amethyst provides strength, stability and a sense of peace.

The gemstone also boosts the immune system which weakens during stressful times.



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