Let your gut do the talking. Don’t think before you speak. Don’t downplay your emotions. And whatever you do, don’t apologize for how you feel. They can handle it.

Your children need to know that their superhero does not mask her emotions. Instead she reveals them with grace, using them as a tool to convey the messages of the heart.

Your elders need to be convinced of the value in being vulnerable. It wasn’t a welcome concept in their time. Your friendships will fortify. Or, in some cases, they will end. At least they will end in honest expression.

Go there with your boss, your co-workers, your employees. These days it’s all about business with heart.

Next time you’re due for a difficult conversation, just tell them how you feel. And keep in mind that your feelings aren’t limited to emoticons. Expand your vocabulary. Recognize the sensations in your toes and the depths of your belly. Describe the tingling in your spine.

Sharing your feelings doesn’t give away your power. It shows that you are strong enough to bare your soul.



For support during challenging conversations, wear the Molten Lava Bracelet.

The lava stone provides strength and clarity in difficult situations.



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May 16, 2013 by Ashley Wray
Tags: Mala 101

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