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Creativity is a way of living, not a genetic trait.

But the reality is that most people have caged their creative beast, without even knowing it.

You know that’s you if you usually:

1. Play it safe

2. Stick to “tried and true”

3. Get annoyed when asked, “what’s new?” (Because “same” and “old” are not the words you want to use to describe your life).

People who live creatively, can’t wait to update the world on how they’re destroying normal, blazing trails, and pursuing their passions.

If you’d rather fit the latter description, just be aware of what is getting in the way of your creativity.

5 Barriers That Keep You From Your Creative Life

1. Your need for control - whether in idea or form, creativity requires an unfamiliar process. Be open to endless possibilities and new discoveries along the way.

2. Your rigid expectations - when you are tied to your expectations, you suffocate your creative potential. Keep in mind, you can only expect what you already know.

3. Chasing perfection - there is no such thing as the perfect conditions, the perfect timing, the perfect outcome. Creativity is constantly challenging our definition of ideal.

4. Fear of rejection - what I admire the most about performers, is their ability to be vulnerable in front of others. Knowing fully well, that they are subjecting themselves to criticism, they do it anyway. Don’t let rejection paralyze you.

5. Your inner mean girl (or boy) - when your creative risks don’t work out, be easy on yourself. You can always do it differently next time. It had to be done the way you did it for you to find out that there is a better way.

Get past these obstacles to creativity and start living your creative life!


Mala Beads

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June 13, 2013 by Ashley Wray

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