Legs Up The Wall

Putting your legs up the wall is the most amazing pose, both for its benefits and how relaxing it is.


Putting your legs up the wall helps regulate blood pressure, prevents varicose veins, eliminates stress and helps with depression. Helps with stomach cramping and PMS pains, indigestion and nausea. It can also help with swollen feet and stress-related head aches.

How to do it:

1. Place your yoga mat against a wall.

2. Lie on one side in fetal position and move your bum to the wall.

3. Once your bum is at the wall, than roll onto your back, with your legs extended up the wall. If you have a large pillow or yoga bolster, than place bolster under lower back and rest hips.

4. Relax with your arms out to either side.

Hold for 1 – 20 mins. BREATHE!

May 09, 2013 by Ashley Wray

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