Anjali Mudra — Shoulder Opener

Anjali Mudra

Tight shoulders are really common in our North American Bodies, so stretching the shoulders and upper back is an important thing to do.


• Releases tension in the front deltoids and pectoral muscles
• Activates the back muscles and pulls scapula together, helping assist in optimal upper body posture
• Stretches the wrists and hands

Anjali Mudra — How to do it:

1. Stand or sit with the 4 corners of your feet evenly rooted into the ground.

2. Rest your hands along the sides of your body with your palms facing forward.

3. Take a big inhale and lengthen the side of your body, until your chest inflates, and your shoulders rise slightly towards your ears.

4. Then draw the head of your arm bones back into the shoulder socket and widen your elbows apart.

5. Bring the backs of your hands onto your lower back & allow your elbows to widen even more.

6. Place your pinky finger together and with a big inhale slowly start to circle your shoulder onto your back, bringing the palms of your hands closer together.

7. This may take a few deep breathes before your palms touch, or may take a few years. Either way, be patient and listen to your body.

8. Focus more on drawing your shoulders together, as that’s the key to the palms getting closer together. Hold for 5 – 10 breaths, then shake out wrist and move on with day.

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