Finding Your Joy

Finding JoyJoy has been on my mind a lot these days. It could be because of the moments I’ve been having lately savouring the present, taking time to stop, slow and devour what getting out of your head can actually do for one’s happiness.

For 3 years I have been traveling the road of discovering the sweet spot of life, what it means to truly be happy and the role that joy plays. I have realized that joy is the very essence of our being, the very purpose of our existence and it is our job to ensure that we are living that joy in every corner of our life.

We seem to have a distant relationship with joy; we are addicted to struggle. It’s as if we proudly wear a badge of honour displaying our struggles every day around the water cooler. Ironically, expressing the joyful things in our life seems to sometimes be a struggle.

But living in joy, in complete joy, surrounded and supported by joy is our birthright. It is our inherent gift to the world to turn our face to the sun of our life, to the sweet nectar of our souls, to find joy in the smallest of miracles; a smiling face, a flower blooming, a child’s giggle, a birds song.

It is in this place that we change the very world we live in.

xo nicki


Monday For when you need to feel supported in finding your joy look to the Monday Mala. You know those Monday's when it's hard to feel inspired? When it's difficult to focus or tap into motivation? We do. We also know it's the perfect time to don some Fire Agate, which is believed to banish negative thoughts while encouraging concentration and inspiration.

Nicki Bullock is a mentor, teacher and future NY Times Bestselling author. She leads her tribe over at by giving you inspiration and advice on how to ignite every corner of your life.

She is the creator of the {ignite freedom} goddess circle and the fear.less freedom summit. While she’s not writing and daring you to live your life, she can be found hanging with her hubby and two little monkeys’s making ordinary days, extraordinary.


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