What Do You Believe About the World?


All too often I see people who wonder why their life isn’t matching what their dreams are. They continue to wonder why what they have asked for time and time again hasn’t shown up, hasn’t manifested.

And every time I ask “what do you believe about the world you live in?”

What we believe is always a direct reflection of what we are surrounded by – the life that we are truly inviting in.

Do you wish for more joy but yet at every moment chose to see the negative?

Do you pray for love yet believe that ‘the one’ has already been snapped up by someone else?

Do you long for changes in your life but believe change is hard?

Longing, wishing or praying are only going to get you so far until you realize what you believe in. That your core beliefs are driving all that which manifests in your life. Oprah says it best “Your life is a direct reflection of what you believe is possible for yourself.”

The work begins after identifying those believes and then practising new habits to create change.
Not so long ago, I believed that success was something that belonged to everyone but me. I was afraid of what success would look like in my life – would it alienate loved ones?

I would be held accountable to my authenticity. I would no longer be able to hide. Day by day, it still feels uncomfortable as I move closer and closer towards those dreams but I take faith in knowing that those beliefs belong to a different girl from a different time and today, in this moment, all I dream of is a mere degree away.

xo nicki


When you need to connect to your inner power look to the Kaia mala. It is more than just a beautiful word. It represents the sea, a restful place, forgiveness, and beauty. We love that.

And we love this combination of Amazonite and Rudrani, which embodies the divine female power and encourages one to connect with their inner power.



Nicki Bullock is a mentor, teacher and future NY Times Bestselling author. She leads her tribe over at by giving you inspiration and advice on how to ignite every corner of your life.

She is the creator of the {ignite freedom} goddess circle and the fear.less freedom summit. While she’s not writing and daring you to live your life, she can be found hanging with her hubby and two little monkeys’s making ordinary days, extraordinary.

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