Mala Beads Eagle Pose Yoga Mala CollectiveFind your wings and balance in this twisted standing pose. It’s a great way to create clarity and focus throughout your day.


• Strengthens the muscles in your feet and ankles, as your body adapts to the standing balance.
• Great to do as we age, as It helps our body find our inner equilibrium and stabilizing core muscles
• Can relieve tension in the shoulders and B.K.S Iyengar (father of Iyengar yoga) says this “eagle pose” can help with pain or cramping in the legs & calves.

Eagle Pose: How to do it:

1. Stand evenly on both feet to begin, take a deep breath to center yourself.

2. Gazing at a fixed spot on the floor or wall, bend your knees generously and shift the weight of your body into your right foot.

3. Inhale and lift your left leg up and wrap your upper thighs on top of each other. For beginners place your left big toe on the floor beside your right ankle. For stage 2 of the pose, wrap your toes around the back of your right calf.

4. Keeping your legs like this, take a deep inhale and stretch your arms out to a T shape, as you exhale wrap your right elbow on top of your left elbow. From here place the back of your hands together or if you can twist your forearms together and place the palms of your hands together.

5. Hold this pose for 5 – 10 breathes and repeat on the other side.

This can be a tricky pose, so modify as needed, or try doing just the legs, then just the arms and then all two together. Breaking it up in stages will give your body time to learn and adapt. Remember the power of your breath and soar high in this pose.


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July 04, 2013 by Ashley Wray

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