Little Pieces — Mala Beads for Kids

WMala Beads for Children. Mala Collective for kids. hat have you done for your inner child lately? Have you jumped in a puddle? Giggled incoherently? Read a fairy tale?

"You're never too old to do goofy stuff." - 

Ward Cleaver 

On that note, we thought it's about time we honour our inner child. And the spirit and wonder of children in general!

We've seen so many children drawn to the beauty of our mala beads, exclaiming, "I want a necklace, mommy!" And then watch them become overwhelmed with sadness when the necklaces and bracelets didn't fit.

So, to fulfill the need for peace and harmony amongst kids, and to avoid a tantrum of tears (you're welcome parents!) we've created a kids collection.

Little Pieces is inspired by the thought that everyone seeks inner peace, whether they search for it consciously or subconsciously.

We created the collection with our favourite little yogis.

They even made a poem about the collection. Enjoy!

Little Pieces
Pieces of you.
Pieces of me.
We will all come together and that's where we'll be.


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