As you're reading this, we're probably just touching down in Bali. It's most likely warm and sticky, and there's a good chance we're being swarmed by taxi drivers at the airport.

I'm just hopeful that by this point, our 18 hour flight was long enough to finish our wedding vows!

We're in Bali this week to get married. But also to celebrate the journey that these mala beads have taken us on.

It's a long story — so here's the short version.

Two years ago, Matt and I decided to travel the world. We were busy for the sake of being busy and needed a change.

In Bali, we fell in love with these beautiful mala beads in a yoga studio called The Yoga Barn. On our flight from Bali to Thailand, a tall, dark haired woman named Soma sat down beside us — she said she was drawn to our aura.

Well, it just so happens she was the maker of the mala beads and noticed we were wearing them. Soma started combining the beads with gemstones nearly 30 years ago after her spiritual guide told her they would bring more peace to the world.

Well, we loved this story. And it's now turned into our story.

So we're returning to Bali — to Soma's house — to get married!

We're also celebrating the mala beads and all that they embody — setting intentions, manifesting, peace, and following dreams.

And in an even biggest picture, we're celebrating trust in the universe.

If we hadn't trusted the universe — had faith that meeting a woman on a plane, quitting our jobs, moving, and revolving our life around mala beads would all work out for the best — you wouldn't be reading this blog post.

You wouldn't have the ability to connect with your perfect mala beads, which can inspire you to live a better life — a more conscious life.

So we want to thank you for being a part of our journey. Thank you for your love, your support, and inspiring us with the special connections you share with these mala beads.

We're not only exchanging vows to one another, but also vowing that we will continue to create mala beads for you to manifest, meditate, and follow your dreams.

Namaste xo

July 10, 2013 by Ashley Wray
Tags: Community

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