My mala broke — what does it mean?

My Mala Beads Broke MeaningI have worn my Namaste Mala almost every day for over a year. To say I love it is an understatement.

I love everything about it. The colours, intentions, the weight. And how it helps me bring consciousness into different aspects in my life.

The mala features three stones: Leopard Skin (for finding solutions), Jasper (for balance and harmony), and Agate (for inspiration and creativity).

Does it get better than that?

So you can understand how devastated I was when it broke.

A broken mala is meant to symbolize a broken cycle. You don't 'need' that mala anymore. It's a sign to bring new intentions into your life as your current ones no longer serve you.

Even though I understand and respect this notion, when it came to my mala breaking, I didn't want to believe it.

"No… That can't be right," I thought.

So I sent off my Namaste mala to be repaired — our team in Bali believes in repairing each mala once to repair the karmic cycle. And in the meantime, what did I do? I got myself another Namaste mala! Hilarious now that I look back on it.

A few weeks pass, and then my beautiful, original Namaste mala returns from Bali. I put it back on and breathed a sigh of relief. It felt so good!

But I had this nagging question hanging over me — why did it break? I couldn't shake it. That feeling was followed by an energy session where I was told I needed to be kinder to myself. And the next day, a yoga class that was centered on the notion of self love.

Not only did the energy session bring me to tears, but so did the yoga class. I laid in Savasana in the hot room, with a group of sweaty people I didn't know, clinging my mala to my chest, with tears rolling down my face.

And that's when it hit me — I didn't need to focus on problem solving. I needed love. It was overwhelming. So I peeled off my Namaste mala and turned to rose quartz — the Love Stone Bracelet and Mala. And you know what? I haven't taken them off since. That was two months ago, and I have been feeling better every day.

So, while your mala may break, don't fear.

Perhaps this means it's time for you to find a new intention. A new focus of your energies. A new direction to send your love. And have faith that it will take you to a bigger and better place.

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This article was written by Mala Collective founder and journalist Ashley Wray.

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