Culturally, we've been taught to glorify the word 'busy.' We're encouraged to move faster (fast cars), to eat faster (fast food), and even to think faster. We pride ourselves on getting things done and often consider a good day one where we can say we've accomplished a lot.

This lifestyle of busy has us getting sick more often, forgetting what's most important in life. We're so busy rushing around that we've forgotten the power of a pause.
Pauses are:

  • Potential.
  • An invitation to become present.
  • An opportunity to return to your intention.
  • A place of choice.
  • Gateways for limitless opportunities.
  • A moment to think and breathe.
  • A moment to reflect.

Pause throughout your day and stop the glorification of busy. You may notice that you'll smile more, and stress a lot less. Given the power of a pause, you're likely to make better decisions - the kind of decisions that have you thinking beyond how busy you are.

Your pause will become even more powerful when paired with an intention. Grab your mala and reflect on what it inspires in you.

May pause power be with you!

Donna Wilding is a Toronto Yoga Teacher & Energy Healer who is driven by healing, community and connection.

For information on upcoming workshops and classes follow Donna on Facebook or Twitter. 

Check out video tutorials with Donna over at The Seduction of Yoga!!

September 22, 2013 by Ashley Wray

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