You and Your Mala: Alice Shih

How did you choose your mala?  Were you drawn to a particular energy or gemstone? 
As the Founder and General Manager of Paiwen Stand Up Paddleboards for women, I had the pleasure of working with Mala Collective when incorporating stand up paddleboards in a photoshoot earlier this year.

I was drawn to the Surfer Mala right away. It was love at first sight. It just felt right.

When did you start your meditation practice? 
I was introduced to meditation by my parents and started my meditation practice when I was 14 and living in my home country, Taiwan.

It helped me quiet my mind before studying for the national exam and before going to bed.  

What are some of the benefits you have received from your practice? 
Even 5 minutes of meditation helps to reboot my engine and turn negative thoughts away.

Do you find any benefits towards your SUP practice? 
Certainly. Since meditation helps with focusing, we can practice while doing almost any exercise, so I choose to meditate while I am SUPing.

At the beginning of each of my SUP journeys I try to focus on my breathing while I am paddling. Combining meditation and SUPing helps me feel centered.

Any tips for those are are just starting to use a mala in meditation? 
I wear my Mala almost every day. Naturally, I hold the turquoise stone on my Surfer Mala during my meditation.

I think it’s important to find a mala that you feel connected to, one that holds meaning for you.

Alice has made huge waves in paddleboard communities around the world in the last 5 years, as the founder of the world’s first women-specific paddleboard company, Paiwen. The company is built on her personal belief in attaining a healthy lifestyle through stand up paddleboarding.

She has collaborated with fitness and yoga instructors to push the limits of conventional stand up paddleboarding. 

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