April 2021 Horoscopes: The Spiritual Earth

April 2021 Horoscopes: The Spiritual Earth

This month the Sun moves from spirited Aries into grounded and sensual Taurus. The shift into an earth sign allows us all to become more attuned to our physical senses and more aware of the way we experience life’s pleasures, pains, and joys. Our connection to the planet will flourish during this time, along with a determination to protect, participate in, and be a part of the natural world. Taurus reminds us to embrace the sacred experience of living and the beautiful energies that bring spirit into physical matter.


You are mindful of your personal values this month, needing to focus on aligning your actions with your beliefs. A growing knowledge of yourself helps you understand where your intentions are guiding you. The people that are coming into your life seem to resonate and mirror the things you are working on personally. Your experiences at this time are helping you see the divine in others. You are sensing the interconnectedness of your existence and the powerful beauty in getting to know yourself through others. 

Gemstone: Rose quartz


You are able to hold divine feminine and masculine energies in harmony this month. As the Sun enters your sign on the 19th, a radiance will start to shine through you. This can spur on a deepening and more sensual connection with your body and soul. Beginning new wellness practices or spiritual practices is recommended at this time. You will have increased motivation and an open heart. A growing sense of how you want to shape your identity around a sense of authenticity will help you be your best and brightest self.  

Gemstone: Opal


Subconscious influences will be strong this month. The way things tend to formulate themselves right now seems to be around unseen energies and forces. Stretching your awareness of self can help you mitigate the abundance of feelings that accompany this period. This is also a good time for wrapping things up. Bring things to a close that are long past their expiration date. The process of clearing out stagnant or decaying energies in your life can be very healing to you at this time. Let things go with love. 

Gemstone: Obsidian 


You start to feel more settled with where you are at by the end of the month. Changes in your career, living situation, or community might be impacting you currently. This is a good time to get involved or volunteer your time if you have the ability to do so. The celestial energies are supporting you in becoming more involved in your social networks. Your mindful approach and emotional awareness are exactly what you need at this time in order to feel at ease and grounded when you are around others. 

Gemstone: Smokey quartz


Adjustments in your spiritual interests are likely this month. You are able to create a more organized routine around the work you do, whether that is for money or not. The increased attention and clarity around your purpose allow you to enjoy feelings of more fulfillment. In addition, you are able to bring an unbridled sense of energy, joy, and happiness to your interactions with others. At the same time, you know how to have a good time and can mindfully support your need for fun alongside your need to take care of responsibilities. 

Gemstone: Lava


Events start to slow down for you and you can mindfully turn your attention to spiritual study, practice, or learning. Your devotion to the things you care about increases and your intention towards understanding these concepts is growing. Keep in mind that your pace is steady right now. You can enjoy a methodical and delicate approach to all things. Nothing needs to be rushed -- which gives you the opportunity to be present to new truths. Your awareness is able to be stretched beyond your boundary, showing you things you had not noticed before. 

Gemstone: Rudraksha 


You are going through a slow transformation this month, especially as it relates to the emotions and physical spaces you share with others. Things are shifting around boundaries, and you are here for it. Show up ready to discuss, communicate, and get to the heart of the matter. Your commitment to truth will become apparent and can get you through anything you encounter at this time. Appreciate your sense of justice and take your time as the dust settles. 

Gemstone: Amethyst 


The structure of your relationships is ready to change or alter in some way. This is a good month to expand your understanding of yourself in the context of others. You are able to get into some intricate relationship moments. Navigate these with mindfulness and an open heart. The more understanding you bring to a situation at this time, the better you will feel about the outcomes. A spiritual dimension is also present that makes you more aware of how universal or spiritual energies are moving through you physically. 

Gemstone: Rhodonite


You are able to make necessary changes to your daily habits this month that can have a huge impact on your wellness. It’s the little things right now. Notice how a glass of water or an extra 20 minutes of sleep can make a big difference to your overall mood. Slowly introduce incremental shifts in the day-to-day. The current energy is both at once speeding up and slowing down. Temper the two extremes by managing things at the micro-level. Your mindfulness towards routine is just what you need. 

Gemstone: Garnet


You are able to ground spiritual energy into your body this month and pay greater awareness towards your physical health needs. Getting creative is your way into these energies. This could mean clothing yourself in sacred adornments or jewelry. Or possibly a movement routine that allows for spiritual movement-oriented practices such as yoga or dance. You are getting to know yourself physically and the sensual experience of living in your body. Awaken your senses, which will bring you into harmony with yourself and your environment right now. 

Gemstone: Tiger’s eye


Your attention shifts towards home and family this month. You could be bringing your work home or spending more time making over your home. The environments you spend your time in are becoming more important to you; be mindful of where and how you are expressing your energy. Your awakening sense helps you experience things with more accuracy in your body, mind, and soul right now. There is more enjoyment to be had if you seek it out. 

Gemstone: Autumn Jasper


Things in your world seem to align for you this month; your pace is in harmony with the current energy. This allows you to enjoy and engage in the activities you love the most. Your creative flow is steady and fluid. Consider making crafts, food, or projects that you find enjoyment and pleasure in. In addition, being in touch with nature, your pets, and house plants can have a big impact on you right now. You are more attuned to these natural forces and will feel more spiritually awakened the more time you invest in them. 

Gemstone: Jade

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