Aquarius New Moon

Aquarius New Moon

The New Moon in Aquarius on January 21st is symbolic of fresh starts, new takes, and potent beginnings. This is a great time to review how things are going for you so far in 2023 and make any adjustments as needed. 

Aquarius is known for being innovative, cutting edge, and creative, making this the perfect time to experiment or try something a bit differently than you might normally. 

Here are some rituals and practices to bring extra special meaning to this first New Moon of the year:

  • Focus on mindfulness. Make adjustments to your current meditation practices, dedicate yourself to going deeper, or begin a regular practice. 
  • Consider doing some breath work, deep breathing, or other practices related to the breath. Aquarius is associated with the air element, making it a perfect time to put some energy towards attuning to your breath. 
  • Do something community-minded as the current Aquarian energy is all about friends, interconnection, togetherness, and being of service to others. 
  • Practice having a beginner’s mind. This concept can help you approach something through a fresh lens. Notice what insights arise and the new awakenings that come from experiencing something as if it was the first time you’ve encountered it. 
  • Set intentions for the long term. Aquarius is a big-picture thinker with a logical yet eccentric approach, making this the perfect time to play around with creating unique plans for yourself for the future.  

The Takeaway

And finally, the New Moon is about intention. What is the spirit you bring into the present moment? Look within and take some space to re-set, clear your mind, and bring purpose, gratitude, and compassion into the now through your actions.

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