Astrology Forecast: 3 Ways to Celebrate Valentine's Day with Mindfulness

Astrology Forecast: 3 Ways to Celebrate Valentine's Day with Mindfulness

Valentine’s Day is all about love and relationships. It can be about self-love or love with a partner but the underlying message is how we vibrate with the energy of love. Mars, the planet of passion, will be moving into the romantic sign of Taurus exactly on Valentine's Day 2019. Venus, the planet of relating, will be in the sign of Capricorn at the time. These two planets work in tandem to symbolize the delicate energy that exists in our relationships.

Mars moving into Taurus is symbolic of tempering our anger, passion, and intense emotions and bringing them to a place of peace, pleasure, and enjoyment. Venus in Capricorn is symbolic of taking responsibility in our relationships and creating a sense of earthy sweetness.

While at this time both of the relationship planets are in zodiac signs associated with the earth element, we have a chance to stay grounded and embrace the physical aspects of love and relating. Here are 3 ways we can be mindful of what energies are available to us this Valentine’s Day 2019!

1. Stay Present in Love

Mars moving in Taurus reminds us to slow down and take our time in love. We can savour each moment of existence with others by staying present. Practicing mindfulness in our relationships can even make us better partners. This Valentine’s Day try to stay present for the people you love. You can hold space for others in order to create deeper, more loving connections.

2. Nourish through Food

Venus is often associated with foods and sweets. While Venus is currently in Capricorn, we are reminded to stay mindful of the physical body’s need for food. This Valentine’s Day you can demonstrate affection for the person or people you love by doing something that will nourish them physically. Sharing a meal together or preparing a meal, mindful of each other's likes is a great way to channel the current Earthy manifestation of Venus in Capricorn.

3. Allow Love to Flow Freely

The final thing you can do this Valentine’s Day is to stay mindful of your ability to generate love. When you let this energy flow through your body, heart, and mind you will start to vibrate and give off this energy to others. Keep kindness, caring, and empathy in mind during your experiences and interactions throughout the day.

Take a mindful approach this Valentine’s Day in how you love and relate. You can symbolically pull the current energy of Mars and Venus towards you in order to channel their meaning and significance into your relationships.

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