August Horoscopes 2019: Kindness as Service

August Horoscopes 2019: Kindness as Service
From about the middle of August, we head from fiery Leo energy into a quiet and restful Virgo season. It’s time to simmer down, to come home, to tend to our roots, especially as Eclipse season has now ended, and all the drama with it! The emphasis on Virgo will ask us to reflect and take stock, and go ahead with the decisions we may have been sitting with and holding back on whilst Mercury was Retrograde. As Mercury goes Direct at the beginning of the month, we can feel more confident in our choices, and willing to speak our truth without censoring ourselves.

There is a bright and brilliant Full Moon mid-month in clever Aquarius, complimenting the analytical side of Virgo – and adding to the feeling that we need to be of service in a useful way to the ones we love and the planet at large. Virgo and Aquarius are the leaders in the “green movement”, and when in partnership, these signs can truly change the world, with Aquarian vision and Virgo practicality!

This service can start as a feeling -a feeling of kindness. Kindness to ourselves – our bodies, our minds and our feelings – and kindness extended to our communities and neighborhood, our families, friends and colleagues and further out, to the cities we live in and the countries we call home. Kindness can be a smile, a greeting, an acknowledgment of someone else’s presence, a charitable act, running an errand for someone unable to, or helping out at an animal shelter or old age home. This month, let kindness be your service, and watch the magical ripple effect take place and inspire those around you!

Aries ♈︎ March 20-April 20

It’s still a delightfully self-expressive month for you, Aries, as the planets linger in Leo and in your romance and play zone, making you feel silly and inclined to have a bit of fun – whether with or without a romantic partner! Halfway through the month, things shift as the planets move into Virgo and into your work zone, and you’ll find yourself balancing out a little more. It’s a productive period for you from mid-August, and you’ll find yourself ticking boxes off faster than you thought possible, which will give you an immense sense of satisfaction. You’ll also get back to a great routine, and it’ll be a fantastic time to detox and get healthy!

Gemstone: Rose Quartz

Taurus ♉︎ April 20-May 21

Things may have felt quite challenging in the homespace lately, Taurus, and you may have even picked up and placed your much-loved roots down elsewhere. Change is always scary for you, and with Uranus, planet of chaos, in your sign for some years to come, it’s a good idea to develop as much adaptability as possible – eventually, you’ll love the feeling of freedom that this planet is teaching you. Fortunately, the planets are now all moving into Virgo, a compatible earth sign, and into your zone of fun and romance – single Taureans may find new love on the horizon, and those of you who are attached can enjoy a refreshing burst of new energy in your current relationship!

Gemstone:Clear Quartz

Gemini ♊︎ May 21-June 21

You’re doing a little dance of joy as your ruler, Mercury, goes direct once again at the beginning of the month. There’s nothing quite as infuriating as Mercury Retrograde for you brainy signs, and you’ll be able to move forward again with a fresh perspective! Mercury also moves from sensitive Cancer into warm Leo, which is also a nice change for you, and it becomes that much easier for you to say what’s on your heart. This may be a month to take some time out as the planets move into Virgo, making you feel like withdrawing from the world a little. This is a wonderful opportunity to recoup your energy, to do some DIY and snuggle up with a few good books.

Gemstone: Ruby

Cancer ♋︎ June 21-July 23

It’s always important for you to watch the Moon cycles, dear Cancer, as the Moon rules your sensitive and tender zodiac sign. The Full Moon on the 15th falls in the area of your chart that speaks to transformative change. And so, it becomes important for you to look back at the last 6 months and see what changes you have wrought in your life, and how far you have come! The New Moon in Virgo at the end of August joins up with the rest of the planets in this earthy sign, making communication very important for you – it’s a good time to have those conversations that you’ve been wanting to, and to speak and listen with the greatest of kindness, as only you know-how.

Gemstone: Amazonite

Leo ♌︎ July 23-August 23

Up until the middle of the month, you’re fully enjoying your time in the spotlight, Leo! With the Sun, Mercury, Venus, and Mars here until mid-August, you’re practically on fire, and there’s nothing you cannot manifest! Make the most of it, as things do shift into a new zone of your chart - your money and self-worth sector - which shifts the emphasis to how you value yourself, your skills and your talents. Are you selling yourself short, and could there be a way to increase your worth, Leo? Be kind to yourself, and remember to be realistic and practical about your spending and saving habits – with the planets in Virgo, it’s a time to streamline and get organized when it comes to your resources.

Gemstone: Labradorite

Virgo ♍︎ August 23-September 23

It’s almost your time to shine, Virgo, and although you don’t exactly enjoy having all the attention on you, it is your Birthday month after all, and a time to celebrate your achievements so far! Things have come full circle for you, and it’s time to start new things, especially with the New Moon in your sign at the end of the month. Adopt a new routine, a new health regime or simply Marie Kondo your home and office space to make space for new things to come in for the year! With the rest of the planets also moving into your sign, it’s a time to attract more of what you want, and to put yourself out there to receive what the universe has to gift you!


Libra ♎︎ September 23-October 23

It’s an extremely social time for you up until the middle of the month, Libra - with the planets in Leo and in your friendship zone, you’re living it up and feeling extra-loved! The goals you have been setting recently have been met with great success, and although there have been a few setbacks with the recent Eclipses, you still have a smile on your face! It’s only natural to go from an outward, extraverted period into a more introverted, private one as the planets reflect a shift into a quieter time after the middle of August. Fun can still be had, as the Full Moon lights up your pleasure sector, but it’s more of a romantic, private nature, just between you and your beloved.

Gemstone: Turquoise

Scorpio ♏︎ October 23-November 22

You’ve been enjoying a powerful career boost, and still will be until mid-August, Scorpio. The planets in your professional zone have been handing you some great opportunities to take control and get into a position of power! It’s a time to enjoy your successes – if you have worked hard of course - and feel the love coming your way as the planets move into Virgo and your achievement zone. It’s a wonderful period to take some time out for a bit of fun, to let your hair down and enjoy your tribe! Things feel like they’ve come full circle at home, too, as the Full Moon lights up this area and sheds light on what the next step is.


Sagittarius ♐︎ November 22-December 22

Hooray for you, Sagittarius – Jupiter, your ruler, is finally going direct in your own sign, after a 4-month Retrograde period! What does this mean for you? Well, it means that plans that have been put on hold, delayed, or have been slow to materialize, can finally start coming together, and you may start feeling as if the universe is finally back on your side. Not that it’s been too tough, as Jupiter traveling through Sagittarius this year has handed you many golden opportunities, and with this planet moving ahead once more, you can see these opportunities begin to take shape – fast! The only catch is that you may find yourself with an armful of exciting developments, and be unsure what to choose – but what a lucky position to be in!

Gemstone: Jade

Capricorn ♑︎ December 22-January 20

It’s been an intense year so far for you, Capricorn, most especially with the recent Eclipses in your sign, along with taskmasters Saturn and Capricorn! Many of you are feeling rather exhausted, and it’s a good time to take some rest this month, to slow down and be kind and gentle to yourself. You’ll find that things become lighter as the planets shift from Leo, in an intense zone of your astrology chart, into compatible Virgo and into your spiritual growth area. And along with a New Moon here, you may find the world offering you some exciting opportunities to grow through travel or study, to expand your knowledge and invite more wisdom into your life.


Aquarius ♒︎ January 20-February 18

There’s a lovely New Moon in your sign this month, Aquarius, and you may find that a dearly-held dream, something you’ve been working on for the last several months, comes into fruition around the middle of the month. It’s a personal vision you’ve held, and you’ll be amazed at how much you have grown this year - the spotlight is on you, and you’re feeling an enormous sense of accomplishment! The energy shifts from your relationships now into a more financially-focused time and you may find that people are more willing to help you than ever before with the resources you need. Relax into a responsive energy, and allow yourself to receive as much as you give, for once!

Gemstone: Garnet

Pisces ♓︎ February 18-March 20

With all the planets moving into Virgo and into your commitment and partnership zone, it’s a time to get close and cozy with your beloved, Pisces. Enjoy a renewed sense of care and kindness when it comes to both love and friendship, and with a sparkling New Moon here at the end of the month, you may find a wonderful new beginning in a particular relationship, or a renewal, lying ahead of you. Communication gets stronger and you feel a greater sense of great safety and security with those close to you. Behind the scenes, a Full Moon lights up your spiritual zone, and you may realize how much you have flourished in the last few months – there can be a wonderful sense of personal culmination over the month of August.

Gemstone: Chrysocolla
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