August New & Full Moon

August New & Full Moon

This month we have a full and a new moon to welcome. Each will bring different energies that you should be aware of. Keep reading to see what to expect.

Full Moon in Aquarius August 3rd

The precise dance of the celestial bodies is energy humans are naturally attuned to. During the Full Moon there is an astral tightrope we can walk to better harness this power. The Moon is in one sign and the Sun is in another—and we are at the heart of this dynamic. The Full Moon is in Aquarius this month, helping us plug into the brainwaves of those around us. Giving room for us to connect— telepathically, emotionally, and spiritually with everything in existence. We are manifesting and fully in our power at this time.

 New Moon in Leo August 18th

When the Sun and Moon find each other in the same sign, no light is reflected off of the lunar surface. The night sky becomes dark and the stars become bright. This is a mirror for the cycles of time and constant change. Moments of being need to wax and wane and each setting and rising of the Sun is further proof of this energy. The New Moon this month is in Leo, a sign of gifted creativity and courage. Channel your spiritual talents, set mindful intentions, and tap into the potential of what you are here to do.

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