Balancing Yin and Yang Energy

Balancing Yin and Yang Energy

This new moon, on Oct 8, is a time to shed awareness on internal balance. During the New Moon in Libra we have a unique opportunity to balance seemingly opposite energies within ourselves

Now is the perfect time to set intentions for the lunar cycle ahead. If you feel you're are spending too much time in solitude or too much time socializing, this is the time to re-evaluate what balance looks like.

It can be a challenge when working with the energy of Libra to make decisions based solely on what we want. Often, there is a desire to please everyone and accommodate to an extreme degree in order to keep the peace sometimes at the expense of our own needs or wishes.

One of the best ways you can harmonize this energy is through a meditation specifically designed for balancing yin and yang energy in the body.

According to ancient spiritual traditions we all have the capacity accessing the yang (outward energy) and yin (receptive energy) at different times.

As the New Moon is a time of setting goals, fresh starts, and new cycles this is the perfect time to focus our hearts and minds of finding equilibrium within ourselves.

Here is a quick yin/yang balancing meditation you can do at home or while on work on a break:

  • Sit on the floor crossed legged or in a chair with your feet flat on the ground
  • Close your eyes
  • Practice mindfulness by noticing the energy present around you
  • Let surrounding stimuli and thoughts pass through mind. Note them and allow them to drift by naturally
  • Turn your attention to your breathing
  • Notice how you breath in and out, inhale and exhale
  • Allow yourself to start to turn inward, bringing your awareness to your heart-center
  • You are next going to start a series of deep breathing techniques to balance yin and yang energy
  • On the inhale imagine you are breathing in everything you want in life. Be especially receptive while breathing in, mentally storing the energy you have just taken in
  • With the energy stored and generated on the inhale you are now going to release it into the world on the exhale. Remind yourself to be active and present in your everyday life
  • Repeat several sets of deep breathing up to 5 times
  • Take one final deep breath and open your eyes

If you start with your own personal self, doing yin yang balancing meditations, you will better be able to face the seeming imbalances that exist in day to day life.

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