Breathwork Meditation: An Introduction

Breathwork Meditation: An Introduction

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Our breath is our constant companion throughout our lives. It is always present, offering us an opportunity to come back to ourselves again an again. As such it is a wonderful tool to support our meditation.  

Please begin this practice by taking a moment to get comfortable wherever you are. Soften or close your eyes, relax your shoulders and allow your belly to become soft. It you are comfortable doing so I invite you to place your hands on your belly, so that you may feel the gentle movement of your breath. 

Feel all the places where your body is in contact with the floor , the cushions or the chair beneath you, and allow yourself to relax into that support. As your body relaxes notice the quality of your breath. 

Without trying to change or adjust the rhythm of your breath, simply notice the way it rises and falls, moving through the inner space of your body. Relax into this moment and enjoy both witnessing and experiencing your breath. 

If you feel restless or distracted you may begin to place a bit more attention to your exhale breath. With your exhale breath consciously relax your body and allow yourself to be at ease, giving yourself this time. With your exhale breath gently release any busyness in your mind, allowing yourself to enjoy a few moments of quiet attention. 

Stay with this practice for as long as you are able, using your breath as a tool to promote relaxation and ease, using your breath to bring you back to the present moment again and again. 

When you feel ready you may quietly re-enter your day, knowing that you can bring this meditative tool with you.  

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