Create your own Meditation Space

Create your own Meditation Space

Wouldn’t it be amazing to have a special room inside (or outside) of your home that’s devoted to peace, tranquility and your emotional well-being? A room that allows you to escape the daily stresses of life and connect with a higher power? If you're craving a calm escape, read our tips below to find out how you can create a space in your home that heals your mind, body and soul...

#1 Choose a location of your choice

If you are lucky enough to have a room in the house which faces lush green trees, soothing blue water or a beautiful flowery garden, it couldn’t be better. You may already be using this room as a bedroom or for other reasons but considering that it is set in a beautiful locale, you can surely choose a small corner in this room for your meditation.

Also, in case you are planning to use some other room (which may not have such a scenic setting), you can always be creative and decorate the room to create a nature-like setting or anything else that you may like for a nice meditation experience. For example, you can put up a poster or a painting on the wall which portrays nice scenery to give a similar effect of being close to nature.

#2 Keep the space clean

It works on a simple logic – if the environment around you is clean, your mind can also be relaxed during meditation. Make sure that your meditation area stays clean and hygienic as far as possible. It has an impact on your meditation experience too.

#3 Invite lots of fresh air

An airy and well-ventilated room is surely going to make you enjoy your meditation better. You would definitely want to experience the feeling of cool breeze coming through the windows and caressing your face as you enjoy relaxing after a long day!

#4 Light shades work better

Pastel shades give a more soothing feel compared to dark or bright colors. You may choose a room which has either white or light shade walls that helps you relax. Or, you can also consider putting a wallpaper of your choice to give you a similar soothing effect. Similarly, the curtains for the windows can be sheer fabric which will help add more light, depth and space to your room.

#5 Light it up as you like

Your sheer curtains will ensure that enough sunlight enters the room during the day. But if you also meditate in the evening, you may choose the lighting for the room as you please. For some, dim lights work better, while some like it bright.

#6 Enhance your senses

If you would like your room to smell nice throughout, you may choose from a variety of fragrances as per your choice. Whether it is aromatic incense sticks or essence oils, the choice is yours. Also, you may decide to either keep the fragrance on while you meditate, if you like it that way, or just light it up for some time before you sit to meditate (in case you feel bothered by the smoke or smell).

#7 Less clutter is better

A wide-open space can help give you a better experience than a stuffy room. If you are planning to use your bedroom or one of the other rooms for meditation, make sure that your meditation corner is clutter-free. There may be other stuff in the room but you can always try and keep your meditation space neat and empty.

#8 Keep a mat for comfort

It is better to avoid meditating directly on the floor. You may choose a soft yoga mat or a comfortable low-height mattress. For better comfort, you may also choose a soft cushion for backrest. In case you find it difficult to sit down on the mat, you may also choose a chair with proper backrest so that you are comfortable while meditating.

#9 Keep the phone out

Since meditation time is your time, your phone calls and emails can wait for those few minutes that you are with yourself. Make sure you either switch off your mobile phone, keep them in silent mode or keep them away from you, perhaps in another room, while you meditate. The whole idea is to disconnect for a few minutes so that you can connect with the world better when you get back!

#10 Play it soft

In case you want to keep some music on in the background while you meditate, you may choose some soft instrumental music which helps enhance your experience. Otherwise, you can simply meditate with no music at all! The choice is entirely yours.

There you go! Your own little sanctuary, your hideout is ready for you to enjoy ‘your time’. Happy meditating!

Article Source: (as of Sept/ 13th, 2016).

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