Crystallizing your intention

Crystallizing your intention

Follow these 5 steps to set an intention for your meditation practice using your crystal:

 1) Choose your stone

Choose your crystal for today’s practice, and begin in a quiet and comfortable space. Get seated and close your eyes. 

2) Hold your crystal

Holding the crystal in your hand, with your eyes closed, begin to take deep cleansing breaths.

Three big inhales into the nose and out the mouth as you release and let go of you day.

 3) Body scan

Coming into your breath — in through the nose and out through the nose — begin to scan your body for any stuck/blocked energy.

-  Beginning at the crown, sense any tightness, tension or blocks. This may appear as a sensation, a color, etc.

- Moving into the forehead and behind the eyes, the ears, into the jaw - are you holding any tension here?

-  Into the throat, notice any sensations or tightness.

-  Breathing deeply into the heart now, front of heart, back of heart.

-  Into your solar plexus, below the rib cage, mid back.

-  As you move into you abdomen and pelvis, sense anything happening here, into your hips, low back...down into your thighs, knees and knee joints, into your shins and feet.

-  Taking a deep breath, visualize your 10 fingers and toes like valves... opening the valves, you’ll allow any stagnant energy to flow molasses. It will move through you, taking with it any tension, blocks, fears, worries, anything your body is holding.

4) Give space for the crystal

Now, closing up the valve and coming back to your crystal.

Envisioning its colour, feeling the weight of it in your hands. From this clear space, connect into its energy.

From this clear, empty, open space, call in an intention for yourself today.

An intention for who you are that you are both embodying, and bringing into your crystal.

Clearly see, sense or hear your intention - your true desire. Connect it to your crystal so that it may carry your intention and be an energetic reminder of this space and intention you have set for yourself.

5) Embrace gratitude

Find stillness. Sit and breathe with the intention here. Thank yourself, your intuition and your crystal. Embrace gratitude.

Take three big, deep breaths. Calling all parts of yourself back into the room.

Slowly blink your eyes open, and move your body gently and slowly.

Remember to take your crystal with you throughout your days to connect to and remember the intention you set from this space today.


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