December 2021 Horoscopes: Spiritual Awakenings

December 2021 Horoscopes: Spiritual Awakenings

The celestial energies are shifting this month in a big way, bringing us closer into alignment with our spiritual or wellness paths. There is space to feel at one with all that is around us and commune with the essence of the Universe. December 21st, 2021 marks the Solstice and a turning point in this present moment. Then Jupiter changes signs on the 28th, marking a big annual shift in collective energy towards themes of the sublime and sensitivity. This ends the year on an empathic and intuitive note, opening the way for movement into personal spiritual awakenings.


You can slip into the spotlight this month, garnering attention from work, social media, or your networks. This can be a very busy time for you, therefore, consider having some self-care practices that support you in coming back to yourself. Consistent deep-breathing and mindfulness realign you towards your center when emotions go askew. Harness the potent forces of the Solstice on the 21st to set some powerful intentions for the year ahead.

Gemstone: Amethyst


You are stepping into deepening wisdom this month while learning how to disseminate and share what you know. The roles you take on in life may be changing and your identity evolving as a result. Match your internal experiences to how you want to be expressing yourself externally. Everything is aligning in a way that feels solid. Find a steadying sense of flow in your every day, choosing to be present and staying mindful with your spiritual expansion and reach.

Gemstone: Chrysocolla


You can put more effort into your connections this month. You are more acutely aware of the little things and how small shifts in how you show affection can make a big difference. Become more mindful of how you and another’s interactions play a role in your sense of self. Root back into your own experiences if you feel yourself dissolving into the experience of someone else. Re-define your boundaries and explore your expectations. Clear and heartfelt communication with others reveals what you need to know right now.

Gemstone: Rose quartz


Take a timeout to cultivate stillness. Quiet your mind and sit in the presence of now. Your spiritual energy will be very strong this month, needing an outlet or practice for self-expression. Let your sensitivities reveal the broader vision you have for your life. As you feel your way through various situations, you can see the emotional layers that they are composed of. Integrate this sensitive fluidity of your inner-self into your actions in order to express yourself with authenticity.

Gemstone: Howlite


You are feeling a sense of expansion and awakening on your life’s path. More things will feel connected right now and synchronicities will show up more prominently. Work through feelings of isolation by seeking to be in communities that support true authenticity. Trust that you belong and are weaving connections that are ripe with meaning. Your social relationships are fired up and spirited, let this energy fuel inspiration for working together towards intentional living.

Gemstone: Tiger’s Eye


You are a co-creator of your existence. This month brings you inspiration and ignites your imagination. You can experience increased passion in all areas of life. At the same time, you are feeling grounded and rooted in your current experiences. There is the potential to feel really plugged into the universe that comes with this balanced sense of being. Use this time to feel into how things are unfolding for you, envision possibilities, and reach out towards the things you are wanting to call into your life.



You are likely to turn your attention towards loved ones this month, desiring to spend some downtime at home. Quiet space for yourself is also an important element right now. Following the 21st, you may feel a pull inward to explore the inner realms of your psyche. Insights into spiritual truths can feel like they are being ‘dropped’ into your mind’s eye. Stay present with yourself as you embark on your life’s journey. Keep coming back to who you are at this moment in time as an anchor point from which to understand your experiences.

Gemstone: Moonstone


You are in the process of learning about yourself through personal evolution and unfoldment of the inner workings of yourself. This month can bring in a deeper understanding of how you approach your own being, body, and soul. The paradox is that your awareness of self may happen to come through your relationships with others. Your connections are mirrors of awareness, awakening you to things you may not have noticed previously. This is a beautiful time to become more present with your life’s journey.



You continue to meet life with passion and fire this month. Motivated and driven towards self-expression and sharing of knowledge and wisdom with others. There is a spiritual awakening that is stirring within you. This month, allow yourself to surrender to your life’s lessons or journey that is your forever unfoldment. Each moment is a present moment. Be in it and be with yourself as you experience all the mystery and magic of life.

Gemstone: Amazonite


You find great spiritual truths in stillness. Sitting with yourself in quiet meditation, waiting and listening. Be in that time of a symbolic ‘in-breath’--just about to exhale, but sitting in that pause beforehand. This is a time for gathering energy and calling into your life what you desire to see unfold. In this space of contemplation, you can become in tune with your path in a new way. Your spiritual practices can take on more meaning as you invite in the depth that is ready to be experienced.



This is a time for exploring your relationships with yourself and others. Your self-identity and how you express yourself is a prominent theme at this time. Notice the stirrings of a change waiting on the horizon. Little shifts are laying the groundwork for your life’s path and purpose. But take time for self-care this month. Spend time doing projects or things that you love and giving yourself space to truly be inspired by what you are doing.  

Gemstone: African Turquoise


You can feel a sense of grandeur in the energy of the present moment. This month, you are tuned in to the broader-cultural conversations and vibrations. Manage these big energies by taking space for yourself when you can. You can take on more solid roles in your social circles or amongst your groups and networks. Let your intuition lead you into the right situations meant for you. Your passion sparks taking action and you are able to ask and vocalize what it is that you are wanting in this present moment.

Gemstone: Smokey Quartz

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