Equinox Horoscopes March 20th, 2021: Collective Recalibration

Equinox Horoscopes March 20th, 2021: Collective Recalibration

This March 20th, 2021 Spring Equinox could land a little differently than in other years, more expansive and less so individualistic. There is greater collective vibration that is present and more people are attuned to the subtle energies of each other and their communities. Things are able to move into a place of balance at this time -- recalibrating towards wholeness of social body, mind, and spirit. Use this sacred time to re-align energetically and call in the blessings, joy, and forward-movement represented by this time of year.


This equinox you are ready to access your inner-fire on a deep, soulful level. Invite experiences, gemstones, and mindsets into your life that help to open you up to spiritual insights. Your energy is very prominent this time of year and your potential is expansive. Use this empowered energy to take you towards your next personal milestone. Don’t feel you need to temper your internal passion, but instead, direct it with force, power, and a diligent purpose. 

Gemstone: Jade


Your Equinox will likely be a self-reflective and very spiritual time for you. There are energies you are needing to face if you feel you have the capacity to do so. Subconscious feelings might rise to the surface, impacting how you respond to certain situations around this time. Practice daily mindfulness in order to be more aware of not only what you are feeling, but what others are feeling as well. The collaborative effort to understand each other will go a long way for you. 

Gemstone: Howlite


The energy for your equinox involves the people you share a spiritual community with. There is a prominent collective vibration that allows you to connect to those who resonate with you and your spiritual goals. If you have been hoping to attract new spirit-vibing friends into your life, you can expect this to be happening in the very near future. In addition, you might soon find a group to join that also gives you the sense of belonging you are seeking. 

Gemstone: Tiger’s Eye


This time of year is all about how you handle and manage the attention being placed on you. Your creative, passionate, and fiercely protective energies rise up from the depths of your inner oceans. This Equinox is a time for stepping up and into powerful positions where you can provide healing, teaching, and service to those in need. There is a spiritedness to your temperament right now accompanied by a soothing sense of grounded presence. Use your current vibration to form communities of sacred practice. 

Gemstone: Amazonite 


This is an excellent time to take on a new path of spiritual study. You may want to start small at first, getting a book or two, or doing a bit of research. When you are ready, then you can start to reach out to people in those spiritual communities who can help guide and support you. This Equinox is a potent time for you to expand your consciousness and dive into the mystical paths of those who came before you. 

Gemstone: Labradorite 


You are going spiritually deep this Equinox, into uncharted layers of your soul. This is a great time to engage in spiritual practices that help you move towards self-knowing. You are sensing the interconnection between you and the world you are a part of. Symbolism, myth, and dreaming are all arenas in which you can discover more. Align with the forces of nature at this time, and dive into the mysteries of the universe. Keep seeking on your path. 

Gemstone: Amethyst 


You approach your connections with so much intention, love, and care. This Equinox, your relationships have new life breathed into them. You are sensing the powerful effect you have in other people’s lives, and them in yours. Plan to be social during this time, carving out a group ritual space to honor the cycles of the changing seasons. Harmonize yourself through spiritual action. Make space for the sacred to be present in your life. 

Gemstone: Moonstone


You are very tuned into the energy of this year’s Spring Equinox, particularly in your regular spiritual practices. The energy right now will help you feel more empowered about implementing a more consistent meditation routine into your life. Expect to feel increasingly energized, motivated, and driven towards these ends. Be mindful, that you don’t have to do everything all at once. It is possible to make changes slowly over time if you can manage the mindset. 

Gemstone: Lava


This is an incredibly creative Equinox for you, one in which you can truly show the world what you are made of. You easily embody a sense of charisma and charm that allows you to make new friends and have a beautiful impact on the people you interact with. Enjoy the generous energy you are able to express at this time. If you have the ability to, then consider setting aside some time to work on projects related to your creativity. This is a great time for you to start something new. 

Gemstone: Autumn Jasper


You could feel inspired by this Equinox to take your spiritual practices to the next level. There is a greater focus on being at home during this time and what you are able to accomplish within your immediate surroundings. Consider how you can revitalize your sacred altar, yoga, or meditation space. This is a time when new things are trying to be born and enter into your life. Let these life-giving forces be infused into the spiritual aspects of your psyche. 

Gemstone: Smokey Quartz


You are having a great impact on the communities around you this Equinox. People are certainly paying more attention to the things you say online or in public spaces. Use your platform to spread the information, messaging, and ideas that you truly believe in. Your voice is making a difference. Very straightforward communication is possible right now. Use these energies to birth something into the world that is full of love, joy, beauty, and meaning. 

Gemstone: Tourmaline


Things could be feeling very intense for you this Equinox. Consider how you can better manage this time for greater ease and understanding. People around you might be more candid, forceful, and demanding. Tap into your inner storehouse of personal power to set appropriate boundaries. Use your beautiful, soulful self to shift the narrative in real-time. Things can happen at the pace you want to set. Mindfully set the tone for meetings, conversations, and interactions at this time. 

Gemstone: African Turquoise 

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