Expect Surprises with the New Moon Total Eclipse in Cancer

Expect Surprises with the New Moon Total Eclipse in Cancer

This New Moon offers something different; with it being a Total Solar Eclipse, it’s as if the new beginnings we initiate now have some extra “oomph” behind them, and we may feel very powered up indeed! When it comes to Eclipses, we often have to release something to make way for something new, even with a New Moon.

These periods of time may feel a little tough as doors are opened to our core wounds, and the universe asks us to speed up the healing process. So, with our powerful new beginnings, we may have some baggage we need to release to be able to step into a brand-new space. This New Moon asks us to fill our lives with the energy of creativity and to connect to our inner needs as deeply as possible.

Cancer is the sign of family and home, and perhaps many of us will feel the call to create a home that feels safe and secure for us, to create a family of our own choosing or to heal the breaches in our own families.

Though we may feel as if we are moving without much of a compass, this New Moon asks us to truly connect with our intuition and allow that to guide the way. Listening to your gut is absolutely essential over this New Moon period, as anything we set in motion now will bloom and blossom over the next 6 months – until the Full Moon in Cancer in Jan, 2020.

There will be some unexpected surprises with this New Moon in Cancer – with both Mercury and Mars being offered a challenging square aspect from erratic Uranus, we may leap before we look, or get sprung with something we never saw coming. This is when our intuition is going to serve us, as we will be asked to deal with a situation quickly!

We may also need to keep a close eye on our own promises, as we may, in the moment, commit to something that we won’t be able to honor, or act in a way that is completely spontaneous, though it could yield problematic results.


So, whilst this all may feel extremely exciting, let us go slowly and with caution, always checking in with what feels safe, what feels right, what feels like home for us. Cancer is a sign that calls us back, calls us to our heart’s desires, calls us to our authentic needs.

There is no need to rush!

Many of us will feel a call to creativity over this New Moon, and it can be an excellent time to initiate projects that helps us to re-connect with our creative center.

We may want to fill our homes and spaces with things that feel nourishing, the works of our own hands, so take this time to see where you can pour your heart and feelings into. This will help us move through powerful emotion, and re-orientate us towards a new beginning.

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