February 2022 Horoscopes: Spirit of Awakening

February 2022 Horoscopes: Spirit of Awakening

Horoscope for all signs: 

This month holds the energy of spiritual, personal, and collective awakenings. Perspectives can evolve and the intellectual mind is ripe for taking on new concepts and innovative ideas. When the Sun enters imaginative Pisces on the 18th, we can all shift our attention to the subtle energy that unifies all life. There is a profound sense of being in tune with the plants, animals, and natural world. 


The stars bring your awareness into the broader community this month. You can connect with new people and discover your reach is expansive with bold and courageous vision. What comes up for you right now is strength and passion in all that you do. Your gifts are mindfully being woven into the collective as you learn the best ways to share, lead, and express what you are doing with your life force, time, and energy. 

Gemstone: Tiger’s Eye


You have so many ideas you don’t know what to do with them all at this time. The flow of your creative musings is ramping up and the need for an outlet for all of your energy is increasing. Explore ways this month that you can channel this spark of life force pulsing through you. Self-expression, projects, and areas of spiritual development you have been interested in pursuing are ready to be birthed into being. Empower yourself with an invitation that your dreams and visions are necessary and inspired.   

Gemstone: Amazonite


You can build a deeper relationship with your intuition this month as you become more mindful of where your thoughts are leading you. If moments of feeling stuck does arise, consider taking yourself out of a situation to get some air, clarity, and perspective. Sit with yourself, journal, or practice mindfulness meditation to reset and re-engage when you feel ready. 

Gemstone: Sodalite


Get your mindset clarified by paring down and distilling things that are overly complicated or extraneous in your life. The stars are easing you towards fresh perspectives. Gather your insights and go deep by engaging in more focused content, conversations, and relationships. Refine the activities you are doing and the places your energy is going towards. Right now is about trusting your intuition to know what needs to stay and what needs to go.  

Gemstone: Clear Quartz 


You have the gift of vision this month which can be applied to how you relate to others. Your connections are the main focus at this time, needing your tender care, attention, and generosity. Your heart is open and you will have ample opportunities to share and express yourself. Give yourself the space you need to engage in the present moment. Stay up to date on how you are feeling internally, so you can know where you're at and where your energy is best applied in the context of social connections, friendships, and partnerships. 

Gemstone: Tourmaline


You can come out of a hibernation period this month, wanting to share more of yourself with others after having gone to some deep and internal spaces. Gather your ideas and be ready to bring out nourishing insights and awakenings. You are crafting a beautiful life and with that, you are able to engage with your unfolding with a heart of presence. Let yourself embrace abundance and luxuriate in the magic of life. 

Gemstone: Labradorite 


You get into a variety of situations this month that awaken you to layers of your relationships you have not previously aware of. There is a growing opportunity to approach things anew, with a tempered sense of balance and an eye-opening honesty. This brings harmonious moments of serenity and peace to your life, connections, and overall situation. You find a strong sense of self within the fabric of your being at this time. 

Gemstone: Howlite


Like a flower that blooms at night, you are migrating into a space of introspection this month. As this period of inner-work begins, you are ready to commune with parts of yourself that have been lying dormant. As you integrate aspects of your beingness into your conscious awareness great insights are possible. This is a very telling, deep moment for you overall. Stay mindful and remember to engage in cultivating a heart of self-care and love. 

Gemstone: Smokey Quartz


You can move quickly and with a swift sense of urgency at this time. Consider how you can receive more of what you are desiring through your approach and interactions. There will be tempting opportunities to play into people’s complexes at this time, but you have everything you need to engage in a way that makes you feel rooted in your own experiences and in your personal power. Keep your boundaries and assert your desires with mindfulness. 

Gemstone: Chrysocolla


This can be a busy month for you for getting projects launched and plans off the ground. Things are coming around full circle from where they were last year. The current vibes allow you to experience a sense of fulfillment in how things are shaping up. Practice a heart of gratitude this month to engage fully with the abundance, joy, and successes that are ready to move into your life. 

Gemstone: Lava


This month shines a light on some areas of your life that could do with a little bit of housekeeping. Pay closer attention to your spiritual hygiene and take space for yourself when needed to ground, cleanse, and regroup. This is also an excellent time to begin practicing new wellness routines such as yoga, meditation, or anything else that is calling to you. Fresh and clear perspectives will help you know which direction to take things moving forward. 

Gemstone: African Turquoise


This month brings light to your connections. You will have opportunities for sharing healing and loving energies with others. As you engage in these energetic exchanges, you can come into deeper relationships with the world around you. This is a time for feeling connected and in your flow. Use the empowering force of the Sun entering your sign on the18th for expanding awareness and your reach to those you care about.  

Gemstone: Rose Quartz 

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