Finding Clarity in 2019

Finding Clarity in 2019

January 2019 has been all about finding clarity! Throughout life we may go through periods in which we feel we are in a fog. With so much going on between work, family, health, and relationships, finding a clear path through becomes a huge challenge. As we enter into the New Year this is our opportunity to take hold of our lives and create our own path moving forward.

So how do we create a lasting sense of clarity in our everyday experiences? There are a number of ways one may choose to gain a sense of understanding and knowledge about life’s circumstances. We can turn to regular spiritual practices, daily mindfulness techniques, and meditation to name a few. The world has so many options it can be difficult to know exactly where to begin when we are searching for answers! Listening to your intuition is step one when it come to sifting through the waves of emotions, information, and situations life presents us with.

Practicing mindfulness and regular meditation can help immensely when it comes to bridging communications with our intuition. When we are operating from that place within us of non-judgement and love we are better able to stay mindful of the moment. We have a greater chance at seeing life from a clearer perspective.

By keeping things simple and straightforward we become more in touch with the dynamics of relationships. Life starts to feel more natural and flows with more ease while making choices can take on a new tone. We can operate from a place of honesty within ourselves knowing that each moment we are present and aware we are making decisions based on our integrity and best possible outcome for everyone involved.

As 2019 progresses, allow yourself the space to be open to seeing and feeling life with more clarity. Give yourself permission to be here now and in touch on a soul level. Become more vitally aware of the direction your intuition is guiding you towards.

Let’s wrap up January with a guided meditation on clarity

Guided Clarity Meditation

  • Begin the meditation in a seated pose with palms facing up and resting on your knees
  • Close your eyes and steady your breath, breathing in for 2 seconds and out for 2 seconds
  • As you inhale take a moment to reflect on the air entering your body
  • Notice the breath leaving your body on each exhale
  • Let your entire body completely relax
  • Now start to deepen your breath; inhale for 4 seconds
  • And exhale for 4 seconds
  • Feel any tension flow from your body
  • Relax
  • After a minute allow your breath to return to normal
  • Stay here a moment sensing in your body’s present state of calm
  • As you sit imagine a cloud of energy start to gather around you
  • Feel the vibration of this cloud, what colors are present? What emotion does it contain?
  • Now imagine yourself standing up in the cloud
  • You reach your arms out before taking a step forward into the misty energy
  • What are you feeling right now? Sensing about the present environment?
  • Next you see yourself standing at the center within the cloud
  • Stand there and drink in this moment
  • Return to the breathing sequence in for 2 seconds and out for 2 seconds
  • Generate powerful cleansing energy in your body
  • After 1 minute start to imagine your body floating up from the standing position and out of the clouds
  • You keep going higher and higher into the Universe
  • Past your current physical space, past the atmosphere and far into the sky
  • Look down now below you
  • You see the cloud you just left behind
  • What does it look like? What do you notice from your new expanded vantage point?
  • Contemplate new sensations of clarity and understanding with your new perspective
  • On your next breath gently float yourself back into your body
  • Pass through the cloud returning your consciousness back into your seated self
  • Imagine the cloud’s energy is dissipating around you bringing a sense of clarity and revelation to this present moment
  • Know you have access to higher and varied points of view when life is unclear
  • Take one final deep breath in and out to end the meditation and open your eyes
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