Frustrated with your Meditation Practice?
You’re sitting on a comfy pillow, and the sun is shining on you. Serene music is playing softly in the background, and the birds are chirping. You have every intention of having an epic meditation. And then… you can’t concentrate. Thoughts keep floating in that aren’t floating out like the little fluffy clouds you envision them to be! “What should I eat for lunch?” “Oops, I still need to do the laundry.” And those chirping birds aren’t cute anymore. They’re totally distracting! You’re getting frustrated and think “Is meditation hard for everyone else, or is it just me?” 
Don’t worry, it’s not just you. This happens to me too and is totally normal!
So why meditate, anyway?
Meditation gives you a peaceful warm-fuzzy feeling, and who doesn’t want that?! It not only calms your nervous system and lowers your stress level, but did you know that meditation can help you hear your intuition more clearly? This is why it’s so important to practice meditation - especially if you are feeling anxious, stressed out, confused about what to do next, or overwhelmed. 
So how do you get past the frustration?
The number one thing that helped me with my meditation practice was using a rudraksha mala. Rudrakshas are round seeds that have a rough texture and are traditionally used to make malas. You can check one out here.
Here’s how to use them: 
1. First set an intention. How would you like to feel? Got a feeling? Great!
2. Next find the big center bead on your mala, and start with the bead (or seed) to it’s left. Place it between your thumb and middle finger and move counter clockwise.  
3. As you go from bead to bead, say a mantra that helps you connect with your intention. Breathe in, breathe out, then move to the next bead until you’ve gone all the way around. 
I especially love rudrakshas for meditation because the rough texture makes it easier to move your fingers from bead to bead. It also helps you stay grounded in your physical body. This may seem counter-intuitive to do when meditating, but connecting with your body can actually help you stay present in your mind. It’s the same idea as focusing on your breath or doing yoga! 
Give this a try, and see how it shifts your meditation practice! And if you’re in need of a mantra, try this one - “I’m willing to believe meditation can be easy.” 
This article written by Jess Blanche — a self-proclaimed spiritual 'rebel' on a mission to help you discover your own truth. For more information, or to contact Jess, check out
April 04, 2017 by Ciara McCarthy

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